DIY: Earrings

So, if you ave no clue what “DIY” means… don’t worry. Until about 3 hours ago, neither did I. However, I’ve been participating in Do It Yourself projects for …well, my whole life. As lame as it may sound, I love being crafty. I recently have taken up sewing. Even though I’m only a beginner and am basically teaching myself (with the occasional help from mom), I LOVE IT! I have found a ton of super cute projects in a book called One Yard Wonders.
But today I want to talk about a simple project (you don’t even have to get out your sewing machine) I love. Fabric-covered button earrings. All you need is:
1. scraps of your favorite fabric
2. a button-covering kit, I use 5/8 inch buttons ($2.99 at Hobby Lobby)

3. earring posts ($3.99 for a pack of 50 at Hobby Lobby)
I start off by taking my needle-nose plyers and pry off the hook on the back of the button before I start. Once that is taken care of, I simply follow the instructions on the back of the button-covering kit, which are extremely simple. Then, I use my industrial strength glue to glue on the earring posts, let it dry, and voila. Earrings.
Here are a couple of pairs I made this weekend:

Super cute. Super easy. I think I made both pairs in about 10 minutes. I made these for my sister, Joanna, but I will definitely be making some for myself soon.


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