DIY: Pillow Cases

Today I’m going to show you how to make SUPER CUTE pillow cases! When I first got my sewing machine last Christmas, this was the first thing I learned how to make. Lets just say, its my specialty…
before you do ANYTHING… you must pick out the right fabric! This is the key to making a great pillowcase, otherwise it will just look like you bought it at Target or something 🙂 The ones featured below are from Chez Moi’s Hunky Dory collection.
For a standard size pillow case, cut a body piece measuring 27 x 41 inches, an end band piece measuring 10 x 41 inches, and an accent piece measuring 3 x 41 inches.

Press the end band piece in half, lengthwise and lay right side up and open flat. Fold and press
the accent piece wrong sides together and place raw edges together with the top edge of the end band fabric. Now, place and pin (all 4 raw edges) the top edge of the body fabric, right side facing the accent and end band.
Take the bottom edge of the body piece and fold accordion style and take the bottom edge of the end band fabric and fold over the entire group, putting all 5 raw edges together. Make sure all raw edges are evenly aligned, pin, and sew the entire length of the fabric to make a sleeve.
Reach in the sleeve and pull the bottom edge of the body fabric out. This reveals a pillowcase end band and accent sewn with now raw edges showing.
To complete, simply sew the edges with the right sides facing one another and then turn right side out.
See, its that simple!

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