countdown to Christmas:: Christmas wreath tutorial

Y’all, Christmas is less than FIVE weeks away. I know I know, first we have to get through enjoy Thanksgiving and then we can finally start putting up the Christmas decorations and listen to Christmas music without feeling guilty {but, hello? who ever heard of “Thanksgiving Music” anyways?}

So, this week on countdown to Christmas, I’m going to share with you my secrets to making an adorable Christmas wreath. Its really simple, promise! 😉

Here’s what you need::
hot glue gun
4ish inch styrofoam balls (I used 5)
12 inch wreath (or bigger!)
and straight pins
You start by making your yarn balls. Ok, ok, I cheated a bit by using the styrofoam for the centers, but it makes a great looking “yarn ball.” You tie a knot in the end and pin it into the ball and just wrap. {BE SURE to cover all of the styrofoam or it will look funny.}
Then, you wrap your wreath in yarn which is quite tedious.. and could take a while, so I suggest popping in a good ole Lifetime movie! For this one, I used a 12 inch in diameter wreath. I start by cutting strips of yarn a few yards long and then tying the ends together when they run out– I find its easier than handling the whole thing of yarn at once, but, to each his her own!
Then you make a cute bow for the top. Mine is about 7 inches across. There are tons of ways to do this, so I suggest you just play around with it until you find a cute bow that suits you. I used felt for mine!
After that, all you do is place your yarn balls and bow and you’re good to go! {Oh and to hang it, I usually attach a pipe cleaner to the back with little pins–should hold up pretty well!}
I love the way this one turned out and I’m planning on selling it at a Holiday Bazaar in a couple of weeks! 🙂
So there ya go. See, I told ya it was easy! I’d LOVE to see what you create, so email me or post it on your blog so I can see!
WHO’S READY TO EAT SOME TURKEY TOMORROW?! {I’m not, I much prefer ham.. ha}

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  1. How lovely and festive!!!!
    I love it because you can do many wreaths in different colors for different times of the year!!!
    I am bookmarking this page!!! 🙂
    Happy day friend!!!

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