Friday I’m in Love…

what we did to RING in the New Year…
So many of you probably saw my tweet Friday night, but if you didn’t… I’M ENGAGED!
David and I met our sophomore year of college (about three years ago) and we were strictly friends. We had lots of mutual friends and hung out all the time. 
The next fall, we had almost all of our classes together (we graduated from A&M each with a degree in Finance) and spent even more time together studying, doing homework, and goofing off!
So after a few months, we were spending more and more time together… and by April (of 2009) I was his girlfriend 🙂
And now, January 2011, we’re planning our wedding!
David planned to come to my hometown to celebrate the new year, little did I know it was going to be so much more! So here’s how it went down…
On Friday, David played golf with my dad in the morning and I went to work for a couple of hours to help set up for a NYE party. When I got home, I was so tired, but David was just dying to go to the Tyler Rose Garden. I kept telling him there was no point, because there would be no roses blooming since its the dead of winter… but he insisted that we go on a walk and convinced me to change clothes so we could take pictures! I grabbed my big camera bag and tripod and we headed out. 
We had exchanged (most of our) Christmas gifts earlier in the day and David had one more card to give me.
When we got out of the car, we started walking around and I was talking his ear off about this and that (clearly I had no idea…)
We were looking for this bridge that he claimed was a “great place to take pictures.” As we were walking up to it, he handed me my last Christmas card. It read…
“Some time soon we need to celebrate what happened…”
I looked at him, with a confused face, and said, “I don’t get it…. what happened?”
He got down on one knee told me he loved me and asked me to marry him.
If you can’t tell by my reaction… I was absolutely and completely surprised. And my fiance did such a wonderful job.
The ring is beautiful; more perfect than anything I could have ever dreamed up!
{the ROCK}
My family surprised us after…
{Dad, Mom, David, me, Joanna}

And my dear friend, Whitney, was the super secret photographer!
{David, me, Whitney}

{My sister and me}
Then we rang in 2011 with sparklers, good food, and good friends… constantly replaying the engagement to everyone who asked 😉
{Whitney, David, and me}

{David and me}
and the next day, David’s family came to celebrate with us!

{David and me}

{Rachael, Jonny, Andrew, David, me, Mrs. Hulse, and Dr. Hulse}
We don’t have a date set yet, but we’re hoping for the end of July. And now, let the planning begin! 
Please, please, please give me any tips/websites/blogs/things you wish you did/etc. and you’ll be my best friend forever! 🙂

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  1. So happy for you girlie!! This is such a happy time… I remember how eager we were to tie the knot, but I wish that we had just enjoyed every minute of our engagement! Blessings on ya’ll as you begin to plan your big day and prepare for marriage! :]

  2. congrats lady!!! i was soooooooo happy for you when i found out on twitter (and i still am)!! i sent you a few tweets of people/blogs to follor~! i have a Wedding Links blogroll on my side bar too as well if you want to check it out!! i am sooo excited for you!! wedding planning is SOO much fun!! 😀

  3. Wheeeee! I totally missed this tweet, but I’m so happy for you guys! What a cute engagement story. And I love that Whitney got photos of it as it happened. XOXO.

  4. I missed this tweet!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS darling!!!!! I am so so so happy for you!!! You two look so freaking adorable together!!!!!!!
    I can’t wait to see you wedding plans!!!
    LOOOOOOOOVE you!!!!!

  5. oh my gosh!!!!!! i am so thrilled for you!

    how completely exciting and wonderful. and your ring is so perfect and beautiful.

    wow. i can’t wait to see all of the wedding plans come together for you- i know it’s going to be beautiful!

  6. aww yay!! Congratulations. Planning your wedding will be SO much fun. I had so much fun with mine, I made it my career! 🙂 I will have to message you soon and tell you lots of good websites and stuff to help you!!

    Here’s a good one with some beautiful wedding photos and ideas:

    Best wishes for you and David!

  7. Congratulations! I love that he had a super secret photographer ready to capture the big moment and your family there too!

  8. YEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!! Congratulations!! You will have SO much fun rolling the word “fiance” around, and gazing at that stellar ROCK! (He clearly has excellent taste in both women and jewelry…). You are so lucky to have actual pictures of the proposal!

    As for my best engagement tip: your wedding is just ONE day in the rest of your lives together. Keep perspective and don’t let the details overwhelm you. Also? Don’t skimp on the photographer – you can cut corners everywhere else, but you’ll have those pictures FOREVER 🙂

  9. I’m just getting around to catching up on all my blogs.

    I’ve been dying to comment and say CONGRATULATIONS!!

    I’m so happy for you and that ring is rockin’ awesome!!

  10. even though i just discovered your blog am i allowed to be beyond thrilled for you?! you two are an adorable couple and i am just giddy for you right now! congrats!

  11. Thank ya so much for taking the time to link up and share your story/bling with not only me but other fellow bloggers as well!

  12. So fun!! I actually grew up in CS. *Whoop* buuut then I went to Baylor 😉

    I’m stopping by via the blog hop. Nice to meet you! I’m a new follower.

    Lots of love,

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