… I want to connect with you!

So, here’s the deal, friends. I love blogging because it gives me a place to document my life with pictures and words. I originally started blogging just for the benefit of my family and friends, but it soon grew to something more than that.
When someone comments on a blog post of mine, I try my hardest to email them back with a response to their post or an answer to their question. But SOMETIMES, I can’t… because their profile settings don’t provide me with an email address.
So, if you’ve commented on my blog and didn’t receive a response from me, its probably because of your blogger settings. Let’s fix it!
First, login to blogger and go to your dashboard, then click “my account.”
once you get into your account, under “my products” click “settings” next to “Blogger”.
Once you get in there, check the box that says “show my email address” and then enter your email address in the box below.
Save your settings and you’re ready to rock and roll. NOW we can connect! 🙂

8 thoughts on “… I want to connect with you!

  1. I just changed my email settings! You gotta help those of us that are blogger challenged out! 🙂 And your DIY cardigan post from yesterday is too cute! I am definitely going to try it soon…one of my cardis is on it’s last legs! haha

  2. gosh. thank you. i echo mandy…i get sad, but also, i get annoyed when people ask a question & i can’t answer them. i know they’re not going to come back to my comment section to see if i answered haha

  3. How do you email them back? I so have alot to learn about the blog world still haha. Are the comments sent to your email and you just reply there? Did that make sense? haha!

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