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Hello, friends. I’ve got some awesome ladies lined up to post on my blog for the next several days! Hopefully you’ll learn some fun stuff and meet some new blogger friends. Please share the love with these beautiful friends of mine!

Karen has the most beautiful blog. seriously. please go look. its like constant eye candy. I re-read stare at her posts serveral times a day. check her out at Believe it…and BE Satisfied
Hi “Good Times Never Seem Sew Good” readers, I’m Karen from Believe it… and BE Satisfied, and I’m so excited to be over here on this side of the globe, guest blogging for sweet Caroline!  I’m a Jersey girl, born and raised… until my prince charming (his horse was really a plane in the Air Force) rescued me from that state swept me off my feet.  I’ve been following him around ever since (first in FL, then to Germany, and now in South Korea.)  Life is quite an adventure, and I celebrate it everyday… it’s such an amazing gift from God.  Photography is my passion and if you head over to my blog, you’ll get a taste for what it’s like on my side of world, some daily ramblings, craft projects/DIY, updates on our adoption (from Ukraine!), and some sneak peeks of my creations for my Etsy shop
Dry air is a problem over here in Korea right now… and I’m pretty sure everyone’s skin can use a little “loving” from time to time.  So, today I’m going to share with you a fun DIY for sugar scrubs. That’s right… sugar can be used as to exfoliate!

First, you want to collect all your ingredients:
1 c. of white granulated sugar (that’s a no brainer!)
½-1/4 c. of light olive oil

5 drops/a drizzle of Vitamin E oil
20 drops of one essential oil (lavender, jasmine, peppermint)

*For the essential oil, you can find at GNC or other “health stores”…stay away from the oil in the candle-home scented aisle!

Step 1: Add all wet ingredients together, and stir.

Step 2. Slowly mix in sugar, a little at a time… mix until clumpy.

Step 3.  Transfer sugar scrub matter to a fun vessel. 

If gifting, be sure to print out one of these sweet labels I created just for you.  Had to use my favorite color combo: Mustard Yellow and Grey!

and attach to the jar (with some cute twine, of course!) Makes a great makeshift birthday gift for a dear friend, or is a polite gesture/ “hint hint” to give someone who has some serious dry skin without hurting their feelings.

Enjoy friends! I would LOVE to hear how it turns out for you: / twitter: @kdaviscreates

Thanks for having me Caroline!

7 thoughts on “Guest Post: Karen from Believe it… and BE Satisfied

  1. eeeeep!! I LOVE this!!! I have been mixing honey and sugar for a face scrub. It is magical!! I will have to try this!!!! Thanks ladies!!

  2. How fun! I’m going to have to try this 😉 Where were you in Germany? I lived in the Black Forest for a while (missionary family, not military though!) 🙂

  3. I lived in Geilenkirchen… near Aachen, and Cologne. I was able to bike ride into the Netherlands in 2 minutes from where I lived!!!

    thanks for having me Caroline!! So happy to have shared this with all of you!

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