Guest Post: Kate from Be Merry, Kate

Hello, friends. I’ve got some awesome ladies lined up to post on my blog for the next several days! Hopefully you’ll learn some fun stuff and meet some new blogger friends. Please share the love with these beautiful friends of mine!

Meet Kate, from Be Merry, Kate. She’s got an AWESOME tutorial for you all today– seriously, I wanna make a ton of these! 

DIY: felt+ruffled coasters

Hi everyone! I’m Kate from Be merry, Kate and I’m delighted to pop over while Caroline to share with you a fun little project. It’s super easy and a lot of fun!

What you need:

one sheet of felt in your favorite color
ruffled ribbon {or any ribbon or choice!}
sewing machine {or thread and needle if you don’t have one!}

Step One:

fold the felt into a square and cut off that little extra piece to make one large square
cut large square into four smaller squares

Step Two:

pin ribbon to felt square
you can do this part however you like. I took four strips of ribbon and sewed them on each individually, or you could make one continuous strip that you fold the corners down and you sew with one stitch. heck, you can do whatever you want!

just make sure you don’t put the ribbon through the middle or anything or you won’t be able to rest a glass on it!

Step Three:

sew ribbon onto felt square

And you’re done! Now you have cute little coasters that you definitely can’t find in a store!

Hope you enjoy the little project as much as I did!

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