a fun DIY: storage boxes–>storage ottomans

As you may know, I currently work part time for a local flower shop in my home town. This summer, she has a guy working full-time, so I’ve been able to work when I want to on special project for her. The first project I did, was to turn these ugly storage boxes into CUTE storage ottomans. I had no idea what I was doing, but just kind of went with it… and they turned out very cute.
what you’re gonna need:
~old wooden boxes ready to be refurbished
~fabric large enough to cover the outside of the box and the lid (with extra room for stuffing)
~your color choice of paint
~poly-fill batting
~quilt-top batting
~a staple gun & plenty of staples
~a button to cover
~plywood cut to the size you want your top & about an inch smaller
Start with your wooden boxes & paint the inside of them with your color choice of paint. Michele wanted black, so black it was for our boxes. No need to be clean about it.. in fact: I was as messy as possible (its kind of in my nature, right mom?? 😉)
then, make your lids (these boxes didn’t already have lids, so I made some from plywood).
I cut the nice man at Lowe’s cut two pieces of wood (for the two boxes) that were the perfect size for the lid, and then two more pieces of wood to nail to the bottom to make the perfect fit (and so the lids would stay in place).
Nail your pieces of plywood together (with the nail-head showing on the smaller wood piece) and hammer over the remaining nail.
After that, paint the bottom of the lid the color of your choice!
Then, I cut the quilt-top batting to fit each side of the box and stapled it on with my super-handy staple gun.
Next I cut the fabric for the lid. I measured four extra inches on either side and stapled the fabric to the edges of the lid. I left a little room on one of the sides and stuffed an entire bag of poly-fil batting into the fabric and finished it off by stapling the open edge. After that, I added a covered button the the lid & it was oh, so cute!
The buttons, oh the buttons! How could I forget you! 
I stapled a couple of staples in Xes  through the top of the fabric to the wood to create the gathered look & then just hot glued the covered buttons in the dint it made. nice. If you see a better way of doing this, please let me know 😉 
then, you cut your other fabric the correct length so that it fits around the entire box and sew a seam down one of the edges, fit it over the box, and staple the fabric to the bottom and the top of the box.
{sorry for the crummy iPhone photos}
and voila… you’ve got yourself a super-cute ottoman, perfect for storage!
They look beautiful in Michele’s shop & match her decor wonderfully. Not to mention, they’re comfortable AND convenient. 
What do you think? Do you have some wooden boxes that would be perfect for a project like this?
I hope this DIY was helpful 🙂

10 thoughts on “a fun DIY: storage boxes–>storage ottomans

  1. We have been on the hunt for the.perfect storage ottoman…and have yet to find it.

    I think we will be implementing this tut this weekend!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ah this is a great DIY, Caroline! 🙂

    I wonder how you got the button on though? I’m really tempted to do this now!!

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