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Hi Friends, I hope you enjoy the guest posts I have planned for you this week while David and I are on our honeymoon. These lovely ladies have so graciously prepared some awesome stuff for you to read, so please enjoy~

Hi “Good Times Never Seem Sew Good” readers… this is Karen, from “Celebrate Life” (formerly, you might remember me from “Believe it…Be Satisfied…”) and I’m so excited to be over here today sharing a fun DIY with you.
I’m a Jersey girl, born and raised… until my prince charming (his horse was really a plane in the Air Force),
rescued me from that state and swept me off my feet. I’ve been following him around ever since (first in FL, then to Germany, and currently in South Korea.) Life is quite an adventure, and I celebrate it everyday… it’s such an amazing gift from God. Just a little over a month ago, I became a Mama… but not by having a child “biologically”… but through adoption… It’s been a whirl wind…trying to find time to craft, sew, photograph, and be a Mama at the same time. So, for now, in order to keep my sanity… I must keep projects, simple… and drink a pot of coffee in the morning (that’s to keep up with her energy). Trying to find a balance can be challenging, but who said, motherhood wasn’t supposed to be difficult. Sometimes I wonder what I’ve signed myself up for… but then I remember, God totally called me to do what I do… and that He would give me strength.
Since we’ve been home from Ukraine, we’ve been busy trying to settle into a “normal” routine, so crafting has been put on “hold” for a little. However, I really wanted an easy way to hang up our first family photo (taken in Ukraine, the day that Charlotte became a Davis)…
Confession: I collect frames… like trunks full of frames…

Sometimes, when purchasing frames, I find that I end up coming home with one that is double matted… when in all honesty… I only want a single matte one. I’m then stuck with an extra matte. When most people just throw them away… I save them, in hopes that I could re-use/recycle them somehow. Again, I wanted to do something simple, and since we move around a lot, I wanted to try something that might not break on our next move… and it’s ideal for a kids room- no glass to ever worry about shattering. So here it is, an easy-peesy-lemon-squeesy frame, that is full of celebratory flag bunting (pretty appropriate, since we should totally celebrate Caroline’s marriage to David!) So today, pull out those extra mattes… some Japanese washi tape, a black permanent marker, and some sort of cord/twine and you can create yourself a cute little frame.
If you don’t have a cute daughter… that’s okay… it just means you’ll be able to create this frame in about half the time it took me!
Mark, whichever way you’d like, the banners to go… I suggest using a pencil first, and then go over with a permanent black marker.
Cut some strips of Washi Tape, that you’ll then snip into triangle shapes, and apply to the black marking line (that acts as your banner base). Feel free to apply the flags close together, or far apart… however you feel led, and also, if you want to change up the shape, you can do that as well. Another idea, would be to use scraps of fabric, and glue on to the picture matte.
After all your flags are stuck in the appropriate places, take your black marker, and trace around the tape, to allow them to “pop” out against the white matte.
Then punch two holes, cut some twine (I love Baker’s Twine), and string it up on the wall.
and VOILA.. you have a celebratory frame! The one we created is for the day that we became a family… but wouldn’t this be a fun decoration to display some birthday pictures for a party?
Congrats Caroline. Married life is wonderful… such a blessing… welcome to the club!

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  1. what’s funny… is that so far I think I’m the first guest poster to not post about my wedding 😉 I’ve loved everyone else’s post so far though! Way to go!

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