ironing board re-make DIY

The other night I got the urge to recover my oh-so-ugly cheapo ironing board. I am SEW glad I did because the outcome is absolutely perfect!
Don’t worry, I took pics (ahem, not very good ones because it was night time) of the process so you can do it yourself! It was reallllllllly simple 🙂
First, you strip your old ironing board of the cover and foam. DON’T CUT THE STRING! you will need it! Try to untie it or slide it off, leaving enough string to be able to tie another knot and/or bow.
Next, take the foam and re-cut it to fit the board perfectly and use spray adhesive to secure it to the metal part of your ironing board.
Flip your ironing board over onto the fabric you are using and cut around leaving 2-3 inches extra. 
Because of the length of my yard of fabric I had to cut mine into two pieces, one for the front and one for the back. no problem. Just remember to leave a seam allowance on the overlapping fabrics.
Sew your two pieces together with the right sides of the fabric facing one another.
(fabric found here)
Then, flip your fabric over onto the wrong side and grab the string you salvaged from the old ironing board cover.
Set your sewing machine on a zig-zag stitch with the longest length and width possible.
Place the string on the edge and sew the zig-zag stitch so that it cases in the string (without sewing directly on it)
Do this around the entire ironing board cover.
once your string is attached all the way around, place it face down on the ground and put your ironing board on top of it. 
Fit the cover around the ironing board and tighten the string as much as you can. Tie a bow and/or a knot and it should be snugly fitted on top of your ironing board and foam!
hello, cute ironing board cover! good bye, boring blue 🙂
Hope this was helpful for you!

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17 thoughts on “ironing board re-make DIY

  1. Wonderful! Thanks lady! I’ve been wanting to do mine for a while too. It’s also a boring blue but the material is funny feeling too. I’ve also managed to stain it pretty bad {ahem, it of course has nothing to do with the fact that I was ironing interfacing on the wrong way}. Thanks for the tutorial!


  2. My ironing board is decades old and they don’t make a cover to fit. I have rigged and rerigged with no avail. I may could manage to make one with your tips. Thanks for sharing.
    I have come over from Stuff and Nonsense. Drop by for a visit. Kathy

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