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Last Wednesday, I shared with you my Scrappy Wreath DIY. Upon further examination of the messy state in which my scrap collection had risen to, I decided it was time to do a little clean up. However, I got two more scrappy projects out of them and I’m here to share with you #2 out of 3!
Since I moved back to my parents house after I graduated college (in May 2010), I have wanted a peg board to go behind my sewing desk. My work space is HUGE, but when you begin to place everything that you need it starts getting full, fast. A peg board is a great solution because everything is right in front of you, but not taking up any desk space! Anyways, I will reveal my studio later this week (hopefully!), but here is a quick and easy tutorial on how I made that spiffy banner I hung above my pegboard!
What you need:
-scraps (all different widths and lengths)
-hot glue & gun
-cording/yarn/twine the length you want your banner to be
First, you figure out which strips of fabric you want and cut them the length & width you want them to be. I cut mine all different widths and lengths!
Then, hot glue the very top edge of your fabric over the cording/yard/twine that you are using.
Then, add another, and another keeping them as close to one another as possible until you reach the end of your cording/yarn/twine. 
THAT’S IT, people!
Then, you hang it wherever you’d like 🙂
pretty easy, huh?
I’d love to see yours!!

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  1. Love this! I finally have a good collection of scraps piling up, but my sewing area is just a little fabric box behind an end table in my living room that I pull out when a project arises! I’m going to need to do some serious organization sometime soon!


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