tshirt to dress tutorial

Hello! Isn’t that the cutest dress? I’m convinced its because of the adorable Tula Pink fabric on the skirt part… but anyways, I am excited to share with you guys how I created this little gem. Its so simple & definitely a project to be completed in an afternoon!
what you need:
a fitted shirt (I bought mine for $4.50 at Forever 21!)
about 3/4 yards of fabric (if you’re bigger than me //about a size 6// then you’ll probably need more)
1″ (or smaller!) elastic
measuring tape
fabric marker & pins
scissors & coordinating thread

STEP ONE: Try on your shirt and mark (I used pins) on either side of your waist where you want the elastic to hit. I did mine in the center of my waist where its the smallest, but you could mark yours higher or lower– its really just your preference!
STEP TWO: draw a line with a fabric marker all the way around your tshirt where your pins marked the spot.
STEP THREE:  measure the largest part of your rear with your tape measurer and add 2.5 inches. Take that measurement and divide it by 2.
(example: 40.5 + 2.5 = 43 / 2 = 21.5)
STEP FOUR: cut out two rectangles of fabric. the horizontal measurement should be the measurement you just calculated and the vertical measurement should be the length you want your skirt. (I usually leave mine super long & hem at the end!) 
STEP FIVE: Finish your edges all the way around both rectangles with a rolled hem, zig zag stitch, or a serger.
STEP SIX: face the two rectangles with the right sides of fabric facing one another and sew up the side seams.
STEP SEVEN: with the skirt portion of your dress still turned inside out, stick the top portion of your tshirt inside the skirt at the waist. Pin the tshirt to the skirt about half an inch above the line you drew with your marker.
STEP EIGHT: slowly sew the skirt onto the tshirt and as you do so, stretch the knit in the tshirt so that it “grows” to the width of the skirt. Stretch & sew as you go all the way around the shirt.
STEP NINE: Flip the shirt inside out so that your entire dress is now inside out. Measure about an inch and a half from where you sewed your two pieces together and cut the remainder of the tshirt off.
STEP TEN: Sew a casing large enough to fit your elastic (my casing was 1.25″ since I used 1″ elastic) and leave about 2″ open to feed your elastic.
STEP ELEVEN: Feed your elastic all the way through the casing and sew both ends together with a zig zag stitch. 
STEP TWELVE: Finish your casing and flip your dress right side out.
What do you think? Pretty cute, huh?


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