not your daughter’s ruffle skirt DIY.

Who said ruffles were for 6 y/o and under?
Not this girl.
This skirt is SO cute & so fun to make.
(If you’re scared to make this skirt because your hips are “bigger”… do not fear. I’ve got junk in the trunk and this skirt is still super cute– i was worried about this at first too!)
supplies needed: 
-about 2.5 yards of fabric
-coordinating spool of thread
-scissors//rotary cutter
-a zipper that will look cute exposed
-straight pins
here we go.
First, start by measuring around the largest part of your bottom, and add 1.25 inches. Then, measure from your waist to right above your knee (or where you want the skirt to hit).
Cut out a rectangle of fabric this size. We will call this the skirt form.
(example: 40″ around my booty + 1.25″ =  41.25, from my waist to right above my knee is 18″. So, my rectangle is 41.25″ x 18″)
then cut strips of fabric that are 3″ x WOF (width of the fabric) (usually about 44″)
For the length of my skirt, I measured that I needed 9 ruffles. So, I cut 18 strips 3″ x WOF.
After the 18 strips are cut, sew short ends together two strips at a time. This will make 9 strips that measure 3″ x (about) 88″.
On of the 9 strips, I serged the long edges. If you don’t have a serger, a zig-zag stitch will work!
Now, on all 9 strips, hem one of the finished long edges.
Next, make the ruffle.
To do this, you will set your machine to its longest stitch (called a basting stitch). Be sure to leave a long thread tail and stitch all the way down un-hemmed long edge of your ruffle piece. Leave another long tail on the other end as well. 
Find the center of the rectangle you cut (your skirt form) and find the center of the ruffle and pin about 1/2 inch from the top. 
From each of the thread tails you left, grab the bobbin thread and pull. This should ruffle your fabric. Start on one side, ruffle to the center, then move on to the other side and ruffle to the center. 
Pin in place & sew a straight stitch (be sure to lower the stitch length!) across the entire skirt form.
repeat this every 2″all the way down the skirt form.
Next, we will make the waistband. 
Measure around your true waist (or where you want your skirt top to hit) add 1/2″.
Cut a rectangle that is this size by 7″.
(example: 28 + .5 = 28.5, cut rectangle 7″ x 28.5″)
Press in half on the long length and press the raw edges on each of the long lengths to the inside. (as show above).
Set your machine to a basting stitch again and sew a straight line on the very top of the skirt form (above all of the ruffles).
Make the skirt form top match the length of the waistband. 
Now add the exposed zipper.
Place the zipper and the skirt form right sides together and sew a seam up the length of the zipper.
Flip the skirt inside out, line up the zipper and skirt form edge, and repeat.
After the zipper is sewn in, keep the skirt inside out and sew a seam up the bottom part of the skirt that is below the zipper.
Aaaaand… that’s all, folks!!


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  1. So cute! I love your zipper! I’d be a little too scared to try this one so early in my sewing lessons, but I’ll save the link!

  2. Dear! This skirt is so adorable. I am absolutely horrible at ruffling things… I really must practice more!

    {Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while btw! I’m back – promise!}


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