Embroidery Hoop Art DIY

Hey, y’all! Here’s a fun tutorial where you can use your fabric scraps AND make something pretty for your wall!
(I love projects that use up fabric scraps…)
supplies needed:
sewing machine//coordinating thread
embroidery hoop (mine is a 10″ one)
fabric scraps cut as wide as you would like and 2″ longer than your hoop
embroidery floss
two circle scraps for flowers
lace scrap
any other embellishment you might want.
hot glue gun
start by lining up your scraps in the order you’d like them on your hoop.
start at the top and place the top two scraps right sides together.
Sew a straight stitch down the length of your two scraps.

Continue this technique for all of your scraps.

When you get to the lace scrap, place the top fabric scrap right side up, then the lace, and then the bottom fabric scrap right side down (the lace is sandwiched and all three raw edges are aligned) Sew as you have done for the other pieces.

After they are all sewn together as a rectangle, press the raw edges on the back towards the top and topstitch them in place. This will reinforce the scraps and make a “finished” look on your final project.

Center the sewn fabric in your embroidery hoop and tighten the screw as tight as it will go.
to make a “yo yo” flower, cut a circle of fabric twice the size you want your finished flower to be.
All the way around the raw edge of the circle, sew a loose running stitch.
When you have sewn all the way around, pull the thread so the center is bunched. 
Flatten the flower out and hand sew the button into the center, then hand sew the flower in the location you want it on your hoop art.
With your embroidery floss and needle, sew a simple line stitch to create a stem from each of the flowers. I also added a leaf on the larger flower!
Trim the rectangle of fabric about an inch around the embroidery hoop and pull it tight.

With your hot glue gun, glue the “extra” fabric to the back, inside of the hoop.


You are finished!

Happy crafting, can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


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  1. Hoop art is such a great way to display fun or vintage fabric! I have some in my Etsy shoppe with vintage fabrics and doilies!! Have a great day! 😉 xo Heather

  2. Oh cute!! I had seen something like this earlier and forgot about it! Totally going to Hobby Lobby today and gonna pick one up! :))

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