the 5 minute top knot

soooo, if you know me or follow me on here, instagram or twitter… you’ll know that I love rockin’ the top knot.
Some days I’ll take a shower & start to dry my hair and think… I’d rather spend this time on my computer or sipping my coffee. If this is the case, I dry the front and whip it up into a top knot!
necklace found here. headband found here.
here’s a quick video showing how I fix my top knot. If you don’t wanna watch it, feel free to skip it & check out the 6-step process below!
I hope you enjoy!
thetye.comwhat’s your go-to hair style on a morning you’re running late or just want to get ready fast?

16 thoughts on “the 5 minute top knot

  1. This top knot is so cute! It makes me wish I didn’t chop all my hair off 😉 I usually just run the straighter through my hair and call it!

  2. adorable top knot! I do the top knot sometimes too, but usually if I’m in a hurry getting ready for work and I don’t have time to do my hair down, I will do something with braids. I love doing the waterfall braid, french braid, or a dutch braid.
    Looking forward to the maxi skirt tutorial tomorrow!!!! 🙂

  3. You are the cutest thing ever!! Love the top knot, but my hair is still way too short…wish it would grow faster! I’ll definitely have to give this a try once my hair is long enough.

    Hope you have a wonderful Monday, friend! xo!

  4. You should try spin pins instead of bobbie pins. They work pretty good and I only need 2 instead of oodles of bobbie pins. I also found some non-name brand ones in the doll section of Hobby Lobby (for doll hair…?) but it does the trick for $5 cheaper!

  5. I’ve been hoping you’d do a video on here so I could hear your accent…I love American accents (I’m British) and yours is so cool!

  6. Thanks for the video! Proof that you’re as cute as I suspected. 😉 TOTALLY going to try this top knot — PERFECT for the impending hot summer. Thanks C!

  7. Allll day long! =] Finally watched the video, vlogs kinda scare me so I’m doing some MAJOR catch up tonight. So fun!!!

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