DIY Sassy Summer Top

Whip up this quick and easy ruffle top in less than an hour!
It is so fun to make and so sassy to wear!
1 yard of voile, silky cotton, knit (any fabric that has a nice drape and comes off the bolt at 54″ wide!)
1/4″ elastic
coordinating thread
Fold your fabric selvage to selvage and cut  at 27″
(I used a serger, but you can definitely just use your sewing machine!)
with the fabric still folded, cut off the selvage and sew//serge up that side of the fabric (make sure the right sides of the fabric are together!)
Next, cut off 5″-6″ from the piece you just sewed (this will be your ruffle)
Hem the bottom of the ruffle you just cut off.
align the seams of the ruffle piece and the body piece… right sides up.
Pin all the way around the top with the raw edges lined up.
Serge//Sew around the top, removing pins as you go.
turn the top WRONG SIDE OUT.
fold//press down 1/2″ at the top of the shirt. You will have the body AND the ruffle pieces being folded//pressed over.
Sew ALMOST all the way around creating a casing for your elastic.
feed your elastic through the casing using a safety pin.
to make the sash:
With the extra 1/4 yard of fabric, fold it in half long ways and sew all the way down the long side.
Turn it right side out & fold under the short ends & top stitch.

Now, go strut your sassy self!


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16 thoughts on “DIY Sassy Summer Top

  1. So cute, I might have to add this to my every growing sewing list. It’s a good top for all sizes and shapes, too.

  2. That is too cute!!! Looks straight out of a store. Too bad I am horrible with my sewing maching and can’t even cut fabric without messing something up! :p

  3. That’s it. I’m pinning your adorable adventures every day now so I’ve just committed to loving you and added you to my blogroll.

    Thanks for sharing! I love this!

  4. Hi! I just found your blog & I love it! I think I may actually try to make this top tonight! Or at least start it! 😉 I’ll have to send you pictures if it is presentable! Ha!!

  5. Cute cute! I am so going to try this! I’m thinking of what I could refashion though. My husband has a lot of shirts that he doesn’t wear anymore because they became too short in the wash. I bet I could do something with them with this tutorial! =)

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