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David and I are in the process of buying our first little house. We are closing next Tuesday and we are OH SO EXCITED!
With a HOUSE comes many more home decorating decisions. I don’t know if I am cut out for that task!! 
So, for the past few days I have been racking my brain & scouring the web for inspiration & ideas for our new home. 
Today I’m sharing with you our living room & bed room inspirations.
We received the beautiful Anthropologie bedding (in light blue) for a wedding gift last year and I still love it! Our bedding being the focal point, I’m going to pair the light blue in the duvet cover with yellow for a soft & cozy feel. The Joel Dewberry fabric (#3) will be used for throw pillow on the bed and the Anna Maria Horner fabric (#6) will be used for curtains! Over our bed, I want to hang the window pane I salvaged from a construction sight in College Station before I graduated from college. Right now its hanging in our living room, but I think hanging it over our bed will be a cute change! I’m on the lookout for nightstands to repaint light yellow! I don’t really want them to be identical, maybe just similar in size– one for each side of our bed! Wouldn’t a cute bench be an adorable addition to a bedroom? I’ve read somewhere that its good to have a different place to sit in your bedroom… maybe this bench will be just that!
what do you think?
For the living room, we are basically starting over. The couches we have now are getting dumped… HOORAY! So, that being said, we have a lot of things to do!
We are going to get a white couch & loveseat from Ikea. The good thing about these is that the cover can come off & be washed. Plus, they’re actually pretty comfortable! Above the couch, I want to use the “headboard” DIY and make a wall hanging… probably saying “Home”. To throw our blankets and other “stuff” in, I am excited to try the wood crate DIY (#1). For a side table, I’m hoping to DIY a table similar to the one from Ballard Designs (#5) (and I am currently on the lookout for a “spool” from a construction sight). From fabrics #2 & #3 I’ll make throw pillows, and to sit on top of our side table, a yellow lamp for a added pop of color!
what do you think?
Yes, we definitely have some projects ahead of us… but we are just tooooo excited to be bogged down with what has to get done!

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  1. I looove both of these inspiration boards, but especially the one for the living room – the navy paired with a little yellow and chevron is so cute! the wall hanging is really great too; looks like an easy way to make some impact on a bigger wall. our bedroom is pretty plain, but the colors are plum & grey (my favorite part is the art I’ve put up over the bed), and our living room is chocolate brown, cream and all sorts of shades of aqua/teal/turquoise. It’s not as modern as your color schemes, but I love it. 🙂

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