tea "owl" (& simple applique) DIY

Whoooo’s ready for Mother’s Day? Do you have all of your gifts ready to shower your mother with??If not, here’s an easy peasy project that won’t take you more than an hour to complete: A Tea Towel!

things you need:
3/4 yard of toweling (you can find this at your local craft store. If you can’t cotton muslin or just a solid white will do the trick. The piece should measure 27″x 18″)
1/2 yard of ric-rac
2 fabric choices… 6″ (each) off the bolt will do the trick.
heat ‘n bond light
(not pictured) a small amount of felt in off white, brown & yellow)
(not pictured) lighter or match
start with your two fabrics. cut them to be twice the width of your fabric (about 34″).
so you’ll have to cuts of fabric measuring 34″x6″.
Fold & press them longways.
set your machine to its longest stitch and do a running stitch all the way up the raw edges of the fabric strips.
Gather the fabrics to create a ruffle by pulling the bobbin thread from each end until its ruffled enough to match the width of your tea towel.
line up the raw edge of your bottom ruffle to the raw edge of your tea towel. Reduce the stitch length to normal and sew it on. After its sewn on, press the ruffle down so the raw edges are going towards the ruffle.
Sew the top ruffle about one inch from the seam of the bottom ruffle.
Add the ric-rac on top of the top ruffle. Sear the edges with a match or lighter.
Next, print out this template of the owl:

(you should be able to right-click and save to your computer and print full page– let me know if it doesn’t work for some reason.)

once you have your pieces ready, roughly cut the amount of fabric you need for each piece (as pictured above).
With your iron, press it it to the non-paper side of the heat n’ bond.
Cut out your pattern pieces and trace them to the backs of your fabric//heat n’ bond sheets and then cut out the shapes.
peel the paper backing off of the heat n’ bond
place the pieces how you want them on your tea towel and press with your iron.
The pieces should be fused down & won’t be moving anytime soon!
set your machine to the button hole stitch on the machine and follow along the edge of your owl & the owl’s belly.

you have finished!

your momma will LOVE you for it 🙂 🙂


ps- I am guest posting over at Little Moments today, go check out another DIY!

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  1. Because your tutorials are so cute, easy, and quick, (minus the ruffle skirt) I am adding this to the goody bag for the Momma’s I need gifts for. I stinking LOVE it!

    P.S I love my maxi skirt.. maybe one day I’ll get some pictures of it.

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