beach-ready hat DIY

So, who’s ready to hit the beach this summer??
Although I may not be headed to the beach anytime soon, David and I are planning to hit up a pool this weekend, so a cute “beach-ready” hat is necessary.
Girls at the beach = HATS.
big floppy ones, small ones (like this), etc., etc.
Why not make it not like all the rest?
Add a pop of color, or a neutral tone to spice things up!

what you need:
hat ready to be beach-ified (this one was $12.99 at target!)
2 scraps of fabric measuring 5″ x WOF (width of the fabric… about 44″)
Sewing machine
First, match your fabrics right sides together and pin along the edges. at both “short” ends cut a triangle off the edge (as pictured above).
Sew almost all the way around the entire four edges leaving about 4″ for turning.
Turn your fabric right side out, being sure to poke the edges out on each end.
Tuck in the raw edges (the part you left open for turning) and top stitch with a coordinating thread color.
Press it flat and tie it on to your favorite hat!
Now your hat is DEFINITELY beach-ready!

NOTE:: I left the black ribbon that came on my hat for these pics & this DIY thinking I would leave it. I have since used my seam ripper to take that sucker off so I can wear headbands on my hat as well (like pictured here!) It is TOTALLY up to you!

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  1. as one giveaway on jennas to another, =) i had to visit you..first of all, happy birthday…and 2nd… you are soooo adorable.., seriously, you are the cutest ever. =)

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