Print to Fabric DIY & a FREE printable from Pen & Paints

Hi friends! Today I have a fun DIY and a special treat for ya… its pretty much a double whammy!Here’s a fun way to display those beautiful free printables or purchased prints from your favorite graphic designers!

I don’t know about you, but I love hoop art. I think its a fun way to show off fabric and decorate a wall.I got to thinking the other day (after I had left over transfer paper from this project) and decided that I wanted to show off some pretty graphic art in a unique way.

I emailed Lindsay about purchasing one of her prints as a digital file, she obliged, and we got to work!

embroidery hoop
fabric (white//off white//white tone on tone)
spray paint
glue gun
tshirt transfer paper
(this part is totally optional, but I had spray paint left over from this project, so I thought… what the heck!)
dis-assemble your hoop and spray paint. Its most important to get the outsides of the hoop because the insides won’t be showing!

While this is drying, head to your computer.
Lindsay from Pen & Paints made THIS free printable for you guys to use (personal use only, of course).
Download this (or the printable of your choice).The screen shots below are the steps I take using my Mac Book… its probably a tad different for a PC.

Open the PDF.
File, Save As & select JPEG
Tools, Flip Horizontal
Make sure the transfer paper is loaded correctly into your printer & click print!
Once its printed, trace your hoop & cut out your graphic.
Iron it on to your fabric
Then secure the fabric inside the hoop.
Trim about an inch off the edge of the fabric and begin to glue it down to the inner edge of the embroidery hoop.
Add a circle of felt on top of that to finish it.
easy, huh?
I’m planning on hanging this one in my studio as soon as its all set up!Lindsay has offered this needle and thread graphic for a limited time only! Go download it while you can!
Needle & Thread by Pen Paint

Another option is to email a graphic designer who’s work you admire and ask if they would consider selling you a PDF version of their work. Explain to them what you’re doing and promise them you won’t use it for anything else! They’re proud of their work and wouldn’t want you stealing it from them!

See more tutorials HERE.


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  1. Eeek! Loveee it! What. Fabulous idea you genius you! And Lindsay is a fabulous artist!!! I recently found her and just loveee her work!

  2. How pretty! Thank also for the step by step guide on how to frame using embroidery hoops – always love seeing how others frame in this in way!

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