Chevron Ombre Tote DIY

THIS is a fun one…
If you know me, I love trends. 
This DIY incorporates TWO current trends :: chevron & ombréPhotobucket
supplies needed:
~1 yard of white fabric
1/8 yard of 4 or 5 different shades of turquoise fabrics (or whatever other color you choose!)
~1/2 yard of fusible fleece
start by cutting 3″ squares. 6 each of the blue hues (I ended up only using 4 of the 5 shown above) & 24 of the white.
On each of your white squares, take a pencil and mark a line from one corner to the other.
place one white square with one blue square, right sides together & pin.
on either side of the line, sew a 1/4” seam*.
*It is SOO important that you use the SAME seam width throughout this project.*
continue this for all of the squares. They should ALLLL have a partner!
When they are all finished, cut down the line you drew.
Take each of the squares and press the seams towards the darker fabric.
When they’re all pressed, line them up like this ::
sew each “across” row together.
when all of the across rows are sewn, line up the seams and sew the “down” rows together.
Press out all of your seam & iron to a piece of fusible fleece
I “quilted” the top to the fusible fleece by following the top & bottom zig-zag.
to finish the tote, I used THIS tutorial I wrote a while ago.. the only difference is that I used strapping instead of making my own straps!
i used THIS tutorial to make that fun sew-in label! 


38 thoughts on “Chevron Ombre Tote DIY

  1. LOVE this – but it’s not fair how you make it looke SO easy. i feel like i should attempt to make one just so i can make a tutorial on how NOT to do it hahaha

  2. I def pinned this one! I also sent it to my Mom to see if she would make it for me. She’s a big time quilter and looked super easy for her skills! LOVE IT!!!! xoxo A-

  3. your bag is so cute!! Would you mind to tell me where you had your “sew caroline” tag made?? I want to get some tags like that made for my creations too! Your projects and tutorials are fabulous! Keep up the great work! Have a blessed day! Heidi

  4. What a great bag! I love the look of the chevron pattern… and that it’s ombre’! I need a new quilt for my guest room bed, so I’m thinking about borrowing this idea to make a queen size quilt. I just need to figure out what size squares I want to work with…

  5. I’m making a chevron quilt now with triangles. did you find it hard to sew the rows together and keep the points of each zig zag from getting lost to the seam allowance? I’ve sewn the same two rows together and torn them apart like three times. I’m just not happy with how it’s turning out.

  6. This is an awesome idea.. I learnt how to make HSTs and I am inspired by this idea to make a tot like this. Can you tell me the finished size of your tote please..Also for the sises of the tote what was the seam allowance used ? I will make it and put it up on my blog too 🙂 Any replies appreciated..Thanks again. Have a great day

  7. Id love to use this to make a baby quilt but am suspecting that it will need to be larger than your tote. What are the dimensions of the tote? From there I should be able to figure out how much more fabric I’ll need for a simple quilt. Thanks!

    1. I made it- used tshirt transfer paper to print my logo on it and then ironed it on to twill tape! 🙂

  8. Gorgeous! Would love to make this into a baby quilt. Can you please tell me what fabrics you used for this?

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