Flirty Skirt DIY

After I posted this lovely WIWW, I had several emails & comments asking what pattern I used for that skirt, I DIY-ed it & just made it up as I went, so I figured I’d show ya how I did it! 
about 1 1/2 yards of fabric
invisible zipper
scissors & basic sewing supplies
FIRST, measure your behind in the largest spot. 
With your fabric still folded selvage to selvage (as it comes off of the bolt), cut that length.
(example: the largest part of my bottom is 39″, so I cut 39″ of fabric.)
After that, cut off the fold so you now have 2 rectangles of fabric that are about 22″x39″.
Sew the short ends together so you have one SUUUUPER long rectangle.
Measure your waist. Add 1″ and cut a strip of fabric that measurement by 5″.
(example: my waist is 28″, so my strip would be 29″x5 1/2″)
On the super long rectangle gather the top with a basting stitch.
You’ll want to gather it until the length is the same as your waist band strip.
line up the ruffled edge to the edge of the waist band and sew the two pieces together.
Press the seam allowance towards the skirt. 
Press about 1/8″-1/4″ on the non sewed edge and then press again down the center.
line up the pressed edge with the raw edge, pin, and sew!
Use this AWESOME invisible zipper how-to (or THIS one) & your skirt will be finished!

did you create your own? link up HERE!

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6 thoughts on “Flirty Skirt DIY

  1. my sister & I made a skirt really similar to this one, but with an elastic waist; we basically just used your basic skirt tutorial & added extra length to make it a fuller skirt. it turned out great! 😉

    I love that way this looks with the waist band, but sewing zippers into clothing still scares me… may have to get brave enough to try it.

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