A Couch Revamp

We moved into our house back at the beginning of June and, to be honest, its no where near where I’d like it to be (decorations wise).

Things keep getting pushed back, I keep putting it off, etc.

This past Summer my mom and dad gave us a hand-me-down sleeper sofa that we’re keeping in our back room. This back room is a triple threat: Sewing studio, David’s home office (he works from home), and guest room. Boom.

Anyway, the couch needs to be recovered. But y’all. That is expeeeeensive. I know I could do it. OR at least make a cute slip cover.

That’s where International Quilt Market 2011 comes in.

Last Fall I saw the CAH-UTEST patchwork quilt at the Freespirit booth. I fell in love immediately.

See what I mean?
Well, after some time thinking, I remembered this little e-book I bought a while back from Pink and Polka Dot. Its literally been sitting on my desktop for over a year. I bought it thinking I would get right on that and I haven’t. Obviously.
Looks simple enough, so I’m thinking: I’ll make a muslin first and then sew the patchwork slipcover (using the muslin for correct dimensions). Attach the muslin to the back of the slip cover & put over our couch. OH LOOK, A NEW COUCH!
I’m sew excited and will obviously keep y’all up to date on my progress!
This is a HUGE project. Probably the biggest one I’ve ever undertaken. But, I am overly excited!
Are YOU working on//planning any huge projects? 

7 thoughts on “A Couch Revamp

  1. I entertained the thought of slip covering our couch and love seat with drop cloths last spring…. Welllll… It hasn’t happened and I may just live with the floral..not sure I’m tired enough of it to undertake the job… Nor do I have the time.. It’s in great condition., so was only for looks.. Maybe….someday…

  2. This is ABSOLUTELY precious! It looks to be a HUGE project, but i know you can do it…and it’ll turn out beautiful!!! Can’t wait to see your progress!!

    Whitney @ wittywhitney.com

  3. How cute! Since I have taught home ec, have made a custom slip cover for a couch and I used to watch my grandmother make lots of “Crazy Quilt” crafts to sell, may I make a suggestion? I would sew all the fabric pieces onto the muslin (in patches) first and then use the new “fabric” you have made to make the slip cover. This would stabilize the patches and make them easier to work with.

    I think you would find it hard to sew a patchwork slipcover onto a muslin because the patchwork would be a bit unstable when made. Also, you would essentially be making the slipcover twice if you did it the way you suggested.

    Good luck with your project – it really isn’t as hard as it looks! Can’t wait to see your results.

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