DIY: Kimono Top

I have really been loving the belted flowy top trend & when I found this fabric on clearance at the fabric store, I thought: This. Is. Perfect.

Here is a super-simple graphic on how to make an aaaah-dorable Kimono top in less than an hour. (heck, I made this one in less than 30 minutes & I even stopped to take pictures!)

Flowy Kimno Top DIY //

Supplies needed:
-1 to 1 1/2 yards of 54″-60″ wide fabric (jersey knit or voile would be best*!)
-Sewing machine

Flowy Kimno Top DIY //

STEP ONE: Lay out your fabric (still folded at the top).
STEP TWO: Fold in half (hamburger style) and cut (from bottom to top fold) through the TOP LAYER ONLY.
STEP THREE: Cut off the corners by cutting through through ALL LAYERS.
STEP FOUR: Flip inside out and stitch where you cut the corners off.
Flip it back around, belt it, and wear it proudly!

Flowy Kimno Top DIY //

*No hemming or finishing of edges needed if you’re using jersey knit. If you choose to make your kimono top out of voile, you would want to finish all of your edges after your’e done with all of your cutting!

7 thoughts on “DIY: Kimono Top

  1. Looks really swell but can you give some more information about the measurements of the corners, in other words, how much to cut off? Thanks.

  2. Is there a cutout for the neck? Measuring across elbow to elbow and shoulder to hip? Trying to make a pattern for grandgirls

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