Hi Friends! Its been quite a while since I did an Insta-Friday post, but seeing that I’ve been Instagram-ing quite frequently lately, I thought I would share with you all.
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PhotobucketChristmas is all around, y’all. + I have an obsession with Christmas cards. Have an extra? Send me an email & I’ll give you my address. I’d love to have your card hanging on my wreath!Photobucket
If you follow me on Instagram, I know you’re probably sick of my #SammieGrams. Sorry, not sorry. They will indeed continue 😉
Look at how big she’s gotten! I just love that pup.
Lots of people ask us where we got our Texas-shaped waffle maker. It was a wedding gift (HI VANESSA!) and it was purchased at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. No, I don’t know if they have YOUR state. I would hope they would!
I’ve been doing some sewing recently + my serger is finally working again (say hallelujah!).
That is an apron I made for a friend who gave it to his girlfriend for Christmas. Lucky girl, right? And that is (part of) a quilt I sewed for the shop I work for. Its made from Amy Butler’s new fabric line, Alchemy!
Lots of Christmas gatherings and festive parties have been happening in the past weeks. That shot in the middle? Downtown Fort Worth. Pretty rad, huh?
Well, what do you know? Snow in Texas! AND ON CHRISTMAS! It really was a Christmas miracle. Last week I took a photo of the thermometer in my car and it read 80*. I don’t get it either, but hey! Its Texas, so I stopped trying to figure out the weather a loooong time ago!
coffee dates with friends + runs in the cold + gold sparkly shoes. It really is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Today, I’m working & then we are going to my parents house to celebrate Christmas with them! We are thrilled to be able to spend time with both of our families for the holidays!

What do you have going on this weekend??

9 thoughts on “Insta-Friday!

  1. Where/what kind of place do you work for that you get to make quilts? What a great job!

    This weekend I’m taking a road trip to Maryland (3 hours from my home) to visit. My 92 year old great-grandmother and going on two movie dates (Dad & Vovo, my maternal grandmother). It’s going to be a family filled weekend!

  2. I like seeing your pictures of Sammie, it helps me try to appreciate my 2yo black lab, Oreo. My instagram is the same as my twitter name, @mnsorensen

  3. oh, that puppy is super cute. i love all of your insta pics and wish i had just had a fraction of your christmas spirit this year!! : ) visiting from life rearranged.

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