DIY: Paper Banner

So, today I’m going to show you how I like to make cute banners without owning one of those fancy schmancy cricuit or silhouette machines…
If you own one, I guess this post isn’t for you, BUT if you don’t I promise it is super easy & you can make yourself a banner in no time!
Introducing to you my Valentine’s Day banner!
Supplies you’ll need:
Paper (glitter paper, scrapbooking paper, or even fabric will work)
Microsoft Word
First, you’re going to get on your computer & open up microsoft word (yes, I know. I’m so fancy!)
Click on the “word art” tab and find a simple font you like the looks of.
Type in the first FOUR letters that you are using. Doing four letters to a page will give you about 5″ letters.
Print out all of your letters (don’t forget, if a letter is repeated more than once you’ll only need one of them!) and then cut out your letters.
I used this awesome glittery paper I found, but you could also use any kind of scrapbooking paper or even fabric! (If using fabric, I would fuse wonder under to the back of your fabric to give it a little more stability)
Place your letters right side down on to the back of the paper (or fabric) and trace them.
Then, cut them out…
and string them in order on your ribbon, yarn, twine, etc.
Isn’t it cute? I just love the way it turned out.
Next week I’ll share yet another tutorial using the same supplies… that way nothing goes to waste!!!

7 thoughts on “DIY: Paper Banner

  1. I totally did the whole Microsoft make letters big in word art thing for my son’s bday banner! I traced the letters onto fabric backed with fusible webbing, cut them out and ironed them onto a pennant banner.
    Your banner is beyond cute, might just be my project for the week 🙂

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