Simple Valentine’s Wreath DIY

Last week, I made this super cute paper banner that could easily be made for any occasion. I had left over supplies, so I wanted to make another valentine’s day-inspired craft. I made a wreath, of course.
Let me tell you a little something about this wreath form. Its been used about 5 other times. I kept the plastic wrap around the straw & have been able to reuse it for over two years now. Talk about getting your  money’s worth!
So here’s how I made this super simple Valentine’s wreath:
-A wreath form
-Some solid fabric
-Spark-a-Doodle yarn (found at Jo-Ann Fabrics)
-Applique pins (or packaging tape will work, too!)
-Plus all the supplies used for THIS project.
Start by using applique pins to secure your solid fabric to your wreath form
Then wrap the wreath with your Spark-a-Doodle yarn
Add your letters made using this DIY and string across the center of the wreath.
Did that take you all of 10 minutes? Now enjoy being someone’s Valentine!
Other wreaths made using this same wreath form:

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