Wiksten Tova Dress in Chambray

After I made this Wiksten Tova, as I mentioned last week, I accidentally washed it with a pair of red/maroon pants and despite my attempts… the top was un-recoverable. I bought fabric to make a new one because I loved it oh, so much and before I got around to sewing a new one up, Robert Kaufman came out with the line Chambray Union… so I had a change of plans! I used the voile for a new Washi Top and a new Wiksten Tova (DRESS!!) out of the chambray. Let’s just say it’s one of my most favorite things to wear!
 photo IMG_5540_zps6ff7acde.jpg
 photo IMG_5549_zpsba72b139.jpg
 photo IMG_5586_zps3f5639c5.jpg
 photo IMG_5562_zpsdf7676bc.jpg
I added a few buttons to the overlapping part of the top so I don’t have to wear a tank underneath and just lengthened the top to make it a dress– so perfect!

I can’t wait to wear it alllllll Summer long!

9 thoughts on “Wiksten Tova Dress in Chambray

  1. I don’t have a blogger profile, because I use wordpress. That’s why we all show up as no reply even though we sign in with our google accounts. If you click the no replys name in the email notification, it’s a hyperlink that will take you to their g+ or blogger profile. Not sure if that’s easier or not, but maybe it’ll help?

    That’s a long prelude to my comment, lol. I adore your dress! It pairs perfectly with your sandals and I think it will match everything! I’m off to check out the pattern I’ve never heard of it! Thanks 😉

  2. Hi! I was curious your opinion on using knits with this pattern? It is such a perfect shape! Buy I’m partial to knits…
    Thank you!!
    Btw, I just found your blog and I love it!

  3. Hi there! I just came across this chambray and was thinking of the perfect project and this looks wonderful!! Do you know the yardage of fabric that you used to make this into a dress? Thank you so much!!

    1. oh, goodness.. i don’t. I’d add about 3/4 yard to whatever the yardage amount is listed 🙂

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