12 Days of Handmade Gifts: Day FIVE, Marissa from Raegun Ramblings

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Hi everyone I’m Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings where I blog about all thing crafty, delicious, and bookish. I spend most of my days sewing for my Etsy shop where I sell handmade baby clothes and fan stuff for Young Adult readers. I’m so excited to be here a part of this handmade gift series with an quick and easy gift perfect for using up scrap fabric!
I have made simple rosette headbands and hair clips before but it wasn’t until I saw some darling rosette necklaces at a boutique that I thought to put them on a pendant. To make a rosette pendant you just need one strip of fabric about 2 inches wide by 10-15 inches long depending on how big of a pendant you want and how think your fabric is. You’ll also need a glue gun and and pendant bail.
Rosette Pendant Tutorial -005s
Start off by folding your piece of fabric lengthwise with the right sides facing out. Then roll the end a few times to form the center of the rosette. Apply glue to help it keep it’s shape
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Next start folding or twisting the fabric as you wrap it around on itself stopping to glue every once in a while so that it stays secure. You will get a different look depending on if you fold or twist. I think both are pretty it is all a matter of preference and you might find that you like different techniques for different fabrics.
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Once your rosette is to your liking cut your fabric so that there is just enough left when opened up to cover the back of the rosette. Glue that down. Trim any excess that might show from the front.
Rosette Pendant Tutorial -002s
Add some glue to your pendant bail then string it on a chain and you are good to go.
Rosette Pendant Tutorial -003s
I hope you’ll swing by the blog for even more simple handmade gift ideas and of course just to say hi!
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