Cricut Explore: Test Run

A few weeks back, I wrote about my trip to SLC, Utah, where I had the privilege of  attending the launch party for their new product, Cricut Explore. Last week, the Cricut Explore debuted on HSN and SOLD OUT within a really short amount of time. The product will be available at a retail level the second or third week of March, so keep your eyes out for them. Trust me, you’ll want to get this machine. It truly does what they say it does!

Cricut Explore

Cricut Explore

I got my machine in the mail last week and couldn’t wait to get started. I finally had some time yesterday to start playing around with Design Space to create unique cut outs and had serious luck. I imported my logo in a .svg file, set it to cut vinyl, and WHAM-BAM in a matter of minutes my laptop had my Sew Caroline logo adorning it. How awesome, right?

Still trying to decide why you should get a Cricut Explore? Thinking, “But I’m a silhouette girl!”… check out this post from Mandi over at Vintage Revivals: Ten Reasons Why I Switched to Team Cricut

What about cartridges? How do you cut your logo and things that aren’t tied to a cartridge? FORGET THE CARTRIDGE! Yep, that’s right. Forget it. You don’t need them any more. The good news? If you have a bunch of cartridges from older models, you can upload them into your Explore and they will be forever saved in the Internet Cloud.

I can’t wait to cut more things with this bad boy. Next up, fabric!

Happy Wednesday, y’all.


14 thoughts on “Cricut Explore: Test Run

  1. But I SUPER puffy heart my Silhouette and my business runs off of it. You really think this is worth looking into and possibly switching over? Skepticism ensues…

  2. Love your site & your energy & spirit. What a lovely person you are to follow online. (I am too shy to have my own blog, but I love that I can follow delightful ladies like you!)

    I have perhaps an odd question: Could you share the dimensions of the Explore? I have looked online, and perhaps as it is not for sale yet (and I missed it on HSN), I cannot find the information anywhere. I would love to get one (total credit to you, by the way — it was smart of them to put you on the list of folks at that event!) and am in the process of redoing a few things in my den (aka craft room) and am trying to allocate the right space for it.

    Many thanks, lady!

    1. You are so sweet! The dimension for the Cricut Explore are 20″x6″x6″. I think you’ll be really happy with it! They are set to go on sale in retail store on March 17th 😀

  3. I ordered my on HSN, can’t wait to get it! Love your site, working towards starting a blog myself!

  4. Hi! I posted this on an older post of yours, then I remembered you had a more recent post about the Explore so here I am posting my questions again. Thank you for taking the time to read and answer them. I’ve been following your blog for a little while now amd I truly am inspires by you. I just want to thank you for sharing so much with us.

    If I purchase the Explore, it will be my first cutting machine. I am very I interested in getting it, but I have some questions that I can’t seem to find the answers to. Maybe I missed them while scrolling through all the comments.

    How exactly does Design Space work?
    Is it only for accessing the Cricut libraries and/or uploading your own images?
    Can I actually create my own design from scratch on there? If not, what software do you recommend I get for my Mac book?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Stephany! I went to the experts for answers on your questions 😀
      Q- How exactly does Design Space work?
      A-Cricut Design Space is a free online software program that allows users to design and visualize projects before they cut/draw/score with the Cricut Explore machine. There are two primary approaches to using the software. Users can choose from professionally-designed projects and either “Make It Now” or customize those projects before cutting. In addition, Cricut Explore owners can design projects from scratch using pre-designed canvas types to help visualize the projects before cutting with the machine.

      Q- Is it only for accessing the Cricut libraries and/or uploading your own images?
      A- Users have several choices when selecting images and fonts for their projects.
      Consumers can choose from tens of thousands of images and fonts in the Cricut library. Users can purchase Cricut images for as low as $0.99, buy sets of themed images, purchase Cricut font sets or get a subscription for $9.99/month (cancel anytime) to access over 25,000 Cricut images and 200 Cricut fonts. Also, current owners can link cartridges to their account for permanent digital access to those images.
      Users also have the option to upload images for FREE which include .svg, .png, .jpg, .bmp, .dxf and .gif.
      Also, users can use fonts already on their computers (for free) including .ttf and .otf file types.

      Q- Can I actually create my own design from scratch on there? If not, what software do you recommend I get for my Mac book?Q-
      A- Users cannot create their own images from scratch in Cricut Design Space. Pre-designed images can be uploaded into the software (for free) in order to create a cut path and use with the machine. (If you want to design your own images, I suggest Adobe Illustrator :D)

  5. Is your Mac an Air or Pro? I’m having a hard time setting up. Just wondering if you had any difficulties.

    1. i have a macbook pro… had no difficulties setting up. i know the cricut customer service is amazing, so maybe try them 🙂

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