IT’S HERE! The Out and About Dress

Well, the day is finally here! I am so very excited to be releasing my very first women’s sewing pattern to the public today. This project has been a labor of love. My idea to design and create this dress began this Summer. I had made some prototypes of a similar style dress and just knew it would be a winner. BUT, I didn’t know how to get from my sewing room to your hands. Because, y’all, there are a lot of steps in between. It took me much longer to have this pattern produced than I wish it had, but I learned SO MUCH along the way and can’t wait to produce more patterns!

Without further ado…

The Out and About Dress!

The Out and About Dress | Sewing Patterns | SewCaroline

The Out and About Dress features two hemlines (knee length or maxi) and two sleeve lengths (long or elbow length) and the option to add a cute cuff!

The Out and About Dress | Sewing Patterns | SewCaroline

Stay tuned this week for photos from our testers!

*This is a PDF instant downloadable pattern*


Make your Out and About Dress SLEEVELESS with this tutorial!

Make your Out and About Dress a TOP with this tutorial!

I really hope you enjoy sewing up these dresses! AND, when you finish, be sure to add your pics to our Flickr Group, tag me on Instagram (@SewCaroline), and use the hashtag #OutandAboutDress!

happy sewing!


111 thoughts on “IT’S HERE! The Out and About Dress

  1. congrats caroline!!! love the dress and can’t wait to make a few. wishing you the best in your new venture.

  2. I absolutely love this pattern. I spotted it a little blogs back and it was the feather fabric you used for the short version. I am madly in love with that fabric and made a high low tank out of it. I don’t wear it much cause my husband says it reminds him of fruit salad. But your fabric choice and pattern gave me a reason to break out my wild tank top and wear it again despite what the hubs thinks. Can’t wait to own this pattern and many more!

    1. not yet, but i am working on a program to allow people like you to sew and sell on a small scale basis. thanks!

  3. I am SO excited that this is finally here! There is some knit in my stash that I have saved especially for this pattern–I can’t wait to buy it and sew it up!

  4. I absolutely love this pattern but am worried that the gathers will accentuate my tummy and booty problems. Any thoughts on that?

    1. I personally think it is a great style of dress for ANY body type! (That was in my mind when designing it!)

  5. I JUST received the feathered fabric from Girl Charlee one of your sample dresses is made in yesterday, with every intention of whipping it up into a halter maxi for a looming trip to Mexico… but now… I LOVE that fabric in your pattern! Decisions, decisions 🙂 Lovely!

    1. OoOoOh both would be cute!!! jealous of your trip to Mexico, can’t wait to see what you sew!!!!!

  6. I hope to learn how to use my sewing machine with this pattern. I’m a newbie and hope it’s not too complicated.

  7. I’ve never made a dress from a pattern before, do you think I’ll be ok starting with this one? I have a dress makers mannequin – I hope that will help me. This dress looks gorgeous! x

    1. I do! It’s a pretty simple and straight forward pattern with no big tricks, I think this would be the perfect place to start! 😀

  8. I love this style dress! I’ve been looking for a pattern just like this one to copy a dress I found on Pinterest. Do you ever do free patterns? I may have to buy this one. If you sent me a free pattern, I would make the dress and post about it on my blog, linking back to you. If you don’t normally do this, that’s totally ok. Really love your site!

    1. Hi Ashleigh! I’m so glad you love the Out and About Dress.. it really is the most versatile thing you could ever make! I don’t have any free patterns to give out right now, so sorry! Thanks!

  9. I love the pattern and wonder if it is a download or paper pattern. It doesn’t seem to say it in the post.

    1. oh, wow! i can’t believe it doesn’t say it in there… lol it’s been released for over a month and no one has caught that- must fix that now! 🙂 It is a PDF download! Thanks for catching that, Judith! Hope you have a great Monday!

  10. Could you please tell me if this is downloadable pattern or a paper pattern. I don’t seem to be able to figure it out from your blog post.

    1. Hi Judith, I responded to your comment yesterday (see above) and yes, this is a downloadable PDF pattern. Please email me if you have further questions. Thanks!

  11. So I’m new yo making my own clothes, and am finding I’m one size in the bodice and a size smaller for the skirt. Is it ok to mix and match the sizes or do I need to make the bigger size?

  12. If I want to do one fabric for the top and another for the skirt, can you tell me the way the yardage splits? (xs-m sizing). I am preordering a collection 🙂

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  14. Hi Caroline,
    I love this pattern, and just bought it along with 2 fabrics from Girl Charlie, including the feathered fabric. I have never made adult clothes before, nor have I sewn with knits. I can’t wait to get started on this dress, and hopefully make a few different styles. (I love them all but especially the sleeveless maxi!)

    I’m trying to figure out my sizing. It looks like I am going to be all over the place in terms of sizes. However, I’m also not sure if I’m even measuring right. Normally I wear a medium to a large depending on the item/brand. Do you have any tips on how to determine the sizing for this pattern, especially since it looks like I am different sizes for all 3 measurements? I thought I also read somewhere that this pattern runs big?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    1. Hi Elizabeth- I have heard from others that they feel the pattern runs big. If I were you, I’d go with your bust measurement, unless that is the biggest size.. then I would go down a size. There is plenty of ease in this pattern! I hope this helps 🙂

      1. Great, thanks! Also, I am looking at Fabrics on Girl Charlee to make the “out and about ” dress. Which material type/ thickness/ and heaviness would you suggest? I want a heavier knit and one that wont be see through. Is The feather material you used see through?

  15. Hi Caroline,
    I really love this pattern but am wondering if you have to use knit fabric or could you use linen or cotton fabric?
    Thank you so much,

    1. the pattern is designed to use a knit- if you used a cotton or linen you’d need to add a zipper closure to the side. 🙂

  16. I don’t live in the US, and I’m not sure I will be able to find the Pellon LIte EZ Steam. Is it like iron on stitch witchery? Or could I use strips of interfacing? This is for hemming right? Thanks! I really love the pattern, I just want to make sure I will have the supplies to make it!

    1. oh ya! either one of those will work. it’s basically just to give the hem a bit of stability while sewing. you may not even need it 🙂

      1. I’m wondering the same thing! My four (!) pre-pregnancy Out and Abouts are still going strong at 27 weeks and I would love a version that would work well after the baby comes. In stretchy enough fabric, you might be able to get away with pulling the neckline down, but it would stretch out after a while. Would love to see a tutorial or pattern supplement for making a crossover neckline.

  17. Any chance this will be done for plus size?? I LOVE this dress but don’t have the dress making skill to upsize this pattern. Do you know if anyone has done this?
    Thank you?

  18. I purchased the digital pattern yesterday from the Girl Charlee site yesterday. After printing, taping, and tracing the pattern pieces I noticed the bodice seemed too small. I checked the measurements for the print out – the finished measurements for all sizes are 2″ too small in waist and bust. The skirt is correct. When I true the bodice armhole to the sleeve is matches, IF I add seam allowances to the bodice. It appears the seam allowances were omitted from the bodice pieces in the digital pattern. While knits stretch, this would not produce a garment with fit as described and shown.

    I like the looks of the dress and will add seam allowances to the bodice pieces. I’m really glad I checked before cutting my fabric though. Has anyone else had this problem? (Oh – the 2″ square did print true to size. It would be helpful to have this on the 1st pattern page rather than in the middle.)

    1. Hi Kathy, the “finished garment measurements” are the measurements of the garment AFTER they have been sewn. With a 1/2″ seam allowance (like is included in ALL of the pattern pieces) this would produce a bodice that is 2″ smaller after being sewn. The bodice armhole and the sleeve will not match up exactly because, as you’ll read in the instructions, the sleeve is slightly gathered at the top. I hope this helps with your confusion. Thanks, Caroline

      1. Hi Caroline,

        I guess I wasn’t clear in what I was trying to say. The PDF pattern, once sewn, will result in a garment which is 2″ smaller than the specified finished garment measurements. So a medium would finish with 34″ bust and 28″ waist, not a 36″ bust and 30″ waist as specified.

        This 2″ difference just happens to coincide with seam allowance amounts. This is what makes me believe the error may be in the omission of the seam allowances.

        Knit fabrics allow a lot of lee-way in fit so folks may not have noticed the difference.

  19. Can you use a woven cotton fabric for the skirt bottom and knit for top or does it all have to be knit? Thanks

    1. hmmm, i never have. it would probably work, you’ll just need to be careful around the waist…you may want to use 3/8″ elastic or something like that to gather the skirt portion before you attach it to the knit bodice so it can stretch. I think that might work. =D

  20. Love this pattern! I made one dress awhile ago, but I was wondering if there was a way to adapt the waist. Would it be possible to insert an elastic or use elastic thread so the waist can stretch over the bust easier? Or, would you recommend doing an FBA?

    1. I am sorry for this MONTH late reply!! But yes, you could use clear elastic around the waist (on the seam inside) and that would help it stretch!

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