AGF Limited Edition: Introducing GLEEFUL by Sew Caroline

Well, y’all. Today is the day. I am finally getting to officially announce and show you the project I’ve been slaving away over for the past five or so months. If you had told me even eight months ago that this is what I’d be sharing with you today I wouldn’t have believed you. I am so thankful that the opportunities that have been thrown my way and am excited to jump full force into them!

This project has been a labor of love. Let’s talk about the fact that prior to October, I had never even USED Adobe Illustrator. Nope. In fact, the thought of it terrified me. Luckily, I have a dear friend (who happens to live right behind me! Hi Lauren!) who helped me tremendously during this project (and continues to do so!). Having someone close by to help me with my random middle of the night questions was invaluable!

INTRODUCING… my very first collection of fabrics: Gleeful.

AGF Limited Edition Gleeful by Sew Caroline | Fabrics | SewCaroline

 (would you guys mind doing me a HUUUUUGE favor by pinning the image above? I would forever be grateful to you!)

While designing this line of fabric I couldn’t get away from bright and cheery colors. I love them.. they’re my favorite to sew with, to wear, to decorate with, etc. So it was only fitting that my debut line of fabric be FULL of color and F-U-N. I hope you love these prints as much as I do and are starting to plan your wardrobes with them! 😉

AGF Limited Edition Gleeful by Sew Caroline | Fabrics | SewCarolineI am SO thankful to Pat Bravo and Art Gallery Fabrics for choosing me to join them on this inaugural journey. WOW… feeling overwhelmed with gratitude to them doesn’t even begin to describe it.

And thank YOU for joining me on this journey. If I hadn’t started this little blog back in 2010, who knows what I’d be doing, right?!

Check out this video below to learn a little more about  Sara, April, and me and the inspiration behind our limited edition fabric lines.

Limited Edition Collections by Art Gallery Fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics on Vimeo.

SO, now on to more important things.. WHO do I get to meet at Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh?!


80 thoughts on “AGF Limited Edition: Introducing GLEEFUL by Sew Caroline

  1. Wow!! These prints are fabulous! I can’t wait to order some!!!!!! (especially that yellow–I think it’d make the cutest knee-length #OutAndAboutDress!) Congratulations!!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you! BOTH! They’ll all be printed on quilting cotton, two will also be printed on knit, and one will also be printed on voile. 😀

  2. Love love it!! Congratulations! Pinned it and I emailed my local fabric shop owner friend to make sure she sees it and orders it!

    1. yes! they will all be printed on quoting cotton, two will also be printed on knits and one will also be printed on voile!

  3. Love love it! Congratulations! Pinned the picture and I emailed my local shop owner friend to make sure she gets your line in!!

  4. Congratulations! That’s so exciting and your patterns are beautiful! I don’t know how I’m going to wait till July to get my hands on them!

  5. Your fabrics are gorgeous! Way to go!

    Also, so excited to hear you’re coming to Pittsburgh! Yay! It’s a great place to be! Let me know if you have any questions about the area. Hope I can meet you at Market!

  6. Congratulations! How exciting!!! I love them. The name is perfect. High fives for continuing to learn new things and pressing forward in your creative journey.

  7. Hi,

    So beautiful! I jud love the flowers on pink! Witch one will be a voile and knit?
    Best and congrats to sutch a beautiful start!

  8. Oh beautiful! They do look very FUN! My mind is ticking! What will I use on which pattern???? Congratulations. What a year so far! x

  9. You’re coming to Pittsburgh?! I can’t wait to meet you!!!! I love these fabrics so much! the colors and patterns and the name of the collection are all perfect. Well Done!

  10. I’m so excited for you. You can be very proud of yourself. I almost wish that I still sewed because I love all your fabrics, even found two that I thought would be so much fun to coordinate and sew on.
    Good luck to you.
    Aunt Mary Helen

    1. Awe, thanks Aunt Mary Helen!! It’s never to late to whip out the old sewing machine 😀

  11. The prints are really lovely; I particularly like the one with the roses – the dark blue background keeps it sophisticated. I can already picture adorable dresses for my girls made out of it!

  12. Girl you know I got your back 🙂 you’re a natural! So so excited to see the final product. Came a long way since your first artboard 😉 Can’t wait to see what you create next!

  13. Congrats Caroline – you are very inspiring! I love your collection, and am already dreaming of turning them into some lovely spring creations!

  14. Wait. What? You’re coming to Pittsburgh? That’s right in my backyard. Looks like I’ll have to try and make a trip to the Quilt Market so I can meet you. Squee! (I have a mild girl crush. I’ll admit it.)

    Your color schemes are right on par with my style. I like bright, cheery things to surround me at all times. I’d love to get my hands on some of your fabric. Congratulations!

  15. Congratulations! The colors and florals “look” like your style. Love your style, and I sewed my first skirt based off a tutorial of yours. Art gallery has the softest fabric my go fabric for skirts and dresses.

    P.S. it is about time the 3 of you hooked up and got to business! 🙂 I have been an avid follower for 3 years, thanks for all the inspiration.

    1. Ah! This makes my heart sing. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they seriously mean the world to me!

  16. These. are. beautiful. Can we order them in the UK? Or Canada?

    And you designed it in Illustrator? How did you learn? Just through friends or did you read any tutorials? I’d be really interested to hear about the design process. Great work Caroline – thanks for making such a lovely collection.

    1. Yes! When the fabrics release (July) You’ll be able to purchase them at your favorite local quilt shop or online fabric store. Be sure to let them know you wanna buy these prints so they are sure to purchase them 🙂

    2. and yes, i learned a lot by trial and error PLUS online tutorials from I also had a dear friend who helped me with the ins and outs of illustrator.

  17. How EXCITING! And your designs are GORGEOUS ~ I am just glad to have a few months to decide which one will be used FIRST to sew up an ‘Out & About’! CONGRATULATIONS 😀

  18. Congratulations! I discovered your blog only last week through Twitter. I’ve enjoyed seeing your creations and I really LOVE the prints that you designed – very much my style as well! I love navy blue too. 🙂 I can’t wait for your line to be out and hope I manage to find a reasonable shipping option to Europe 😀

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