Gleeful Fabrics: Strikeoffs

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should– it is my FAVORITE form of social media! ;)), you’ll know that I received the strikeoffs of my new fabric line in the mail last week. What are strikeoffs, you ask? Strikeoffs are what the fabric mill sends back to us to correct, refine, etc. before they begin printing our fabrics on large bolts of fabric. They typically come in small amounts.. say a fat quarter in size to somewhere between 1/2 yard and 3/4 yard, and are on poor quality fabric. BUT, it’s the first step to having my prints on legitimate fabric, so I’m not complaining!

Here are some of the photos I shared of my strikeoffs…

Gleeful Strikeoffs

(it is SO COOL to see my name + logo on the selvedge of fabric. Honestly, never thought  I would see that day…)

Gleeful Strikeoffs


And YESTERDAY, I created my first project with Gleeful! I chose the Cheerful Echo print to make an adorable metal frame clutch. I had never made a metal frame clutch before, but have had the supplies sitting around in my studio forever, so I thought I would give it a go. I LOVE how it turned out! 🙂


What are your favorite things to sew with small amounts of fabric?


12 thoughts on “Gleeful Fabrics: Strikeoffs

  1. This is beautiful! I love the placement of the blue dots across the center of the clutch—lovely!

    I just started sewing this year but am already overwhelmed by the bits and pieces of leftover fabric. Am thinking about piecing together a yoga mat bag out of the odds and ends….

  2. First off, congrats girl. I’m so excited for you. Too cool. Second, I like to sew little pouches with small bits of fabric…they’re super easy and you can use them for everything. xo

  3. Hey Caroline,
    I love your fabric designs, particularly the colours, they’re gorgeous. Will they be available to buy in the uk? (Without having to pay $30+ for postage). I’d love to have some. Thanks

  4. I love what you did

    I think I would use the stripes with you purse selection for some neat cosmetic bags

    Maybe using a multi color thread that matches the stripes for a monogram on the shell type fabric

    Congrats on your fabrics. I really do love them

    Where will they be carried???

  5. I love your fabrics and can’t wait to get them. I have only been sewing for about 2 years but is quickly become my favorite thing, and also becoming a new business venture. I haven’t tackled a metal frame clutch yet but want to. Do you have any tips or a tutorial you used?

  6. oh WOW!!! I think they look so awesome!!! I love what you did, so much 🙂 I love the clutch! To be honest, that’s what I would have made too! I can’t wait until your fabric is out.

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