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Hi everyone! I am so excited to be joining my friend Bonnie for her Sweet as Honey blog tour! You may have seen Sarah, from No Hats in the House, post her GORGEOUS arrow quilt yesterday.. man, that is beautiful!

Today I’m excited to share with you a tutorial on how to make a quilted iPad Mini pouch. I recently have been traveling, and although my iPad Mini is in a Lifeproof case (love it!!), I still worry about the screen getting scratched, etc… SO, I made this super simple quilted pouch.

Quilted iPad Mini Tutorial




2 Fat Quarters


A bit of batting


7-9″ zipper


Coordinating thread

Quilted iPad Mini Tutorial

Step One: Using your iPad Mini as a pattern, cut two rectangles from each fat quarter and two from the batting that measure 1″ larger around each edge of the iPad. For the mini, it will measure 7 1/2″ x 11″.

Quilted iPad Mini Tutorial Quilted iPad Mini Tutorial

Step Two: Place the lining fabric wrong side face up with the batting on top of it and the outside fabric on top of the batting right side up. ((Sandwich the batting in between the two fabrics!)) And then safety pin them together using about five safety pins. Repeat this for the other two pieces of fabric and batting.

Quilted iPad Mini TutorialQuilted iPad Mini Tutorial

Step Three: from the top of the short end, quilt a squiggly line down the length of the sandwiched pieces. Sew about 5 lines of quilting. Repeat this for the other set of fabric and batting. Next, overlock or zig zag stitch around the edges.

Step Four: Place your zipper face down on the RIGHT side of the outside of your pouch. The zipper teeth should be about 1″ from the top edge. Stitch in place.

Quilted iPad Mini Tutorial

Step Five: Repeat this with the other size of the zipper and the other side of the outside of the pouch.

Quilted iPad Mini Tutorial

Step Six: next, sew the sides and bottom with a simple straight stitch. Flip right side out, and you’re finished!

Quilted iPad Mini Tutorial Quilted iPad Mini Tutorial

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AND next up on the blogger tour is April from I Am Artisan… I can’t wait to see what she creates tomorrow!!!


25 thoughts on “Quilted iPad Mini Pouch Tutorial :: Sweet as Honey Blog Tour

  1. <> Thanks so much for the shout out, Caroline! Love this little case! …It’s also making me slightly envious of the cute mini ipad that goes in it, too! ;o)

  2. what a great tutorial, i love this so much! i need to make one for my own ipad. i’m always scared it will get scratched! honored to have you on the tour, caroline! xox

  3. I have so many fat quarters to use up…this is being added to the list of projects for those!! Thanks for the quick, easy and cute tutorial!!

  4. That is a great project. I need to make it now. This collection of fabric is really pretty.

  5. Cute! I might make one for our next trip.
    I think I’d hide the zipper between the outer fabric and the lining. That would make it look even better 🙂

    1. You can’t really hide the zipper when a pouch is quilted.. but you could make it without quilting it 🙂

  6. The 7.5 x 11.5 is that the cutting size? Or is it the size of your iPad, Mine is about 8×8 so to add a inch it would be 9×9. Am I reading this wrong?

  7. Could I quilt the pieces like shown then add a lining in order to hide the seams and zipper? Thanks 🙂

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