Hey Guys! Popping in really quick to let you know that the Sugar Pop Top is NOW AVAILABLE for sale! YAY! This is one of my favorite patterns yet!

The Sugar Pop Top was designed for the everyday woman who is looking to up her wardrobe of jeans and t-shirts. This top is constructed simply, but is sophisticated nonetheless. The Peter Pan Collar, flutter or cap sleeves, and oh-so-subtle hi-lo hem create a unique and beautiful top to be made and worn time and time again.

Sugar Pop Top Now Available | Sewing Patterns | SewCaroline.comSugar Pop Top Now Available | Sewing Patterns |

It is NOW AVAILABLE in the shop, so grab your copy today!

Sugar Pop Top Now Available | Sewing Patterns | Sugar Pop Top Now Available | Sewing Patterns | Sugar Pop Top Now Available | Sewing Patterns | Sugar Pop Top Now Available | Sewing Patterns |

I will be sharing lots and lots of photos this week of my amazing pattern testers.. so stay tuned! Until then, grab your copy and start sewing yours today!!



19 thoughts on “Sugar Pop Top NOW AVAILABLE!

  1. I may already have the fabric to make this top! What recommendations or resources would you suggest for assistance in making this a maternity top?

        1. To be honest, no, I do not. I am so sorry.. I wish I could help more. I’ve never been pregnant so I’m not 100% sure how the body changes, and from what I can tell everyone’s body does something different. You could start by upping your size maybe?

        2. but as far as pattern grading goes, I have a few books I reference when creating my patterns. I can give you more information on those if you’d like, but I haven’t seen anything about maternity wear in them.

    1. I would recommend adding a triangle of jersey on the sides to accomondate a growing belly and lengthen one of the biggest things about the belly is everything gets too short. you might want to make yourself some belly bands. (buy a cheap tanktop in your current size cut it off right under the armpits and then wear it under tops that are growing too short.

      1. fantastic idea!! i’ll have to remember this when i am pregnant one day 🙂

  2. SO CUTE! Once I pop this baby out and loose the belly I am going to have to snag this pattern along with some of your lovely fabric!!

  3. How do you put this on, is there a zipper, or do you pull it over your head. Seems a little hard with such a close fit.

    1. it pulls over the head 🙂 all of my testers loved the way it came on, even though there is no closure!

  4. I really love your fabric and patterns! I will definitely buy your Sugar Pop top soon and it is on my sewing wish list on my blog! You are living the dream!

  5. I’ve made this gorgeous top and have two questions…
    1. when sizing the top do you measure a top you already have or all the way round your chest/waist/hips?
    2. I had some trouble hemming the hi-low bottom of the top. Any tips on a neat finish?

    1. I would measure around your chest/waist/hips and check those against the pattern measurements. The finished garment measurements are the measurements that the garment will be when completed, so they have ease added.

      I suggest using a Dritz EZ hem for hemming around a curve, that usually helps with any problems you may have.

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