The Tank Dress RELEASE!

HELLO, friends! This is NO April Fool’s Day joke… The Tank Dress pattern is here + ready to be purchased! I recently switched my patterns + ebook over to their own site (big time, I know ;)) and I’m already loving it. It is making pattern purchasing from easier and more convenient! … it will be especially more convenient when I am able to start filling it up with more patterns! yay! Anyway, on to the reason we are here today: The Tank Dress. My inspiration behind this design was simply to create an everyday, spring/summer dress that could be worn to the pool, running around town, or out on a date night. Comfort + wearability are of the utmost importance to me, so I wanted to create another dress that would reflect that.


NEWTankDressFront The Tank Dress // SewCaroline.comThe Tank Dress //   This dress features a very subtle high-low, shirttail hemline that sits above the knees (however, there are instructions included on shortening or lengthening!). The Tank Dress includes optional pockets and two different options on cinching the back (using a casing + elastic OR elastic thread). It really is a great dress for a beginner or for someone who wants a super versatile pattern. Here are a few of my testers in their Tank Dresses…

The Tank Dress // SewCaroline.comTop: Dena + Deanna

Bottom: Erin + Abbey

So, what are you waiting for? Your spring and summer wardrobe is waiting to be completed 😀



25 thoughts on “The Tank Dress RELEASE!

  1. I am absolutely in love with this dress, now I just need to find someone to make me one. Not sure if this is a project I want to tackle. lol

  2. Can I ask Caroline why you have a seperate site for your patterns and don’t list them on your blog? Just wondering as it’s something I may do one day? A dream at the moment. The dress is lovely xxx

    1. I like the professional look of having a separate site. Plus it makes “shopping” easier! 😀

  3. Cute! Cute! Cute! I bought 6 yards of chiffon and I’ve been scouring the internet for things to make! I’m sure I could make it work.. maybe?


  4. It is so neat to see someone discover a talent they didn’t even know they had in them! Kee the great patterns coming!

  5. Hi Caroline,

    Have you heard of anyone having trouble with the sizing for this dress? The pattern measurements for the medium fit me perfectly, but the finished dress was much too big. I followed the 1/2” seam allowances included in the pattern. Not sure what happened.

    I ended up giving the Medium dress to a friend and will be attempting again! Love the pattern….can’t wait to get one sewn that fits! 🙂

    1. Hi Regina! Did you check the finished garment measurements on page 2 before sewing your dress? The Tank Dress is a super loose-fitting dress … shape is created when you cinch the back with either elastic thread or a casing for elastic! To make it even tighter than recommended, you can cut the elastic shorter. Not sure where exactly you were having fit issues, but if it was around the mid-section then that would probably be the best way to fix it. But, no, to answer your question I haven’t had that comment about the pattern, yet. So sorry you’ve had a bit of a problem with it.. luckily it is a super fast sew 🙂

    2. I had this same problem too with my practice muslin. This is my first attempt at a clothing pattern so I thought I did something wrong, but maybe I’ll just try a size smaller.

    1. Depending on how far along you are I am sure it could work.. you can check the finished garment measurements to check against your measurements 🙂

  6. This is such a cute dress! I wonder if it would lend itself easily to changes to make it nursing friendly? Like, maybe a few buttons on top?

  7. Hey Caroline,
    I just sewed that adorable dress.. it was pretty easy to sew but when I tried it on it was way too long. For me the biggest problem is the upper part which is hanging way too far that the elastic is just above my bottom…am I too short for this dress? 🙁 i’m 5″5..

    1. Hi There! Did you sew the correct size according to your body measurements? Did you make sure to look at the finished garment measurements as well? I know for me, it always takes sewing a garment one or two times before I get the perfect fit. Just like ready to wear garments fit everyone differently, so do sewing patterns. I included instructions on how to lengthen the tank dress, and you can follow the opposite of those instructions to shorten your dress next time. If the elastic isn’t in the right spot, just move it up next time! I am sorry you had problems with the fit of this dress.. But it an easy one to adjust to your liking 🙂 However, from the way you’re describing the fit on you it seems you may have sewn a size too big for your measurements. Feel free to email me with anymore questions or concerns you may have.

      Thanks!! Caroline

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