Enchanted Rock: staying dry, making memories, and laughing at situations because there is nothing else to do

This past weekend a group of my friends from our small group at church decided we should go camping. So, Saturday morning we loaded up the Tahoe, grabbed some donuts and kolaches, and headed down to Fredericksburg, TX to stay at the gorgeous Enchanted Rock.

When we got to our destination, we had a few issues getting the Yamika on top to open and eventually had to cut holes in it so we could get our packs out .. it was definitely a strange way to start our trip! We had about a 1.5 mile hike to our camping site and once we got there, we set up camp and had just enough daylight left to enjoy a short hike.

The next morning we were all awaken by the thunderstorm brewing outside, one of our couple friends’ tent flooded, so they came in with us (because we, unknowingly, borrowed a tent that sleeps six people!!! oops!) When we were finally able to eat breakfast and drink our coffee, we headed out to the beautiful Enchanted Rock. It was a really easy, but really fun hike that we thoroughly enjoyed. The skies were overcast, so the temperature was absolutely perfect! We made it to the top, took lots of pictures, explored caves, people watched, and just enjoyed being in God’s beautiful creation.

We decided to hike back to camp and take a rest. We chatted, napped, and then the rain started to come. We could see the clouds billowing in the sky and they didn’t look great. But, what were we to do? We cooked our dinner and all brought it in the the Taj Mahal (which is how mine and David’s tent was now being referred…).  Dinner was eaten and games were being played, all the while a massive storm was going on outside our tent that seemed to go on forreeeevvveeerrr. It was actually kind of scary. We survived, though and have lots of funny memories!

The next morning, we packed up and were headed down to the car when yet another thunderstorm hit. This was even scarier and MUCH wetter. We survived this one, too. Got in the car sopping wet and headed back to Fort Worth. Oh the memories!

This was my first ACTUAL tent camping trip where we stayed the entire night (two!), didn’t shower, used the “facilities” of mother nature, etc. And despite the crazy weather.. I would TOTALLY do it again. I love being adventurous outdoors.. I honestly felt right at home in the wilderness.

Enchanted Rock, TX // SewCaroline.comEnchanted Rock, TX // SewCaroline.comEnchanted Rock, TX // SewCaroline.comEnchanted Rock, TX // SewCaroline.comEnchanted Rock, TX // SewCaroline.comEnchanted Rock, TX // SewCaroline.comEnchanted Rock, TX // SewCaroline.com  IMG_3108 copyEnchanted Rock, TX // SewCaroline.com IMG_3237 copy Enchanted Rock, TX // SewCaroline.com

I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend, too!


10 thoughts on “Enchanted Rock: staying dry, making memories, and laughing at situations because there is nothing else to do

  1. Loved reading all about your camping trip! Awesome pictures! Sounds like the best time filled with tons of laughs!!

  2. Sounds like a great time….brings back many happy memories of my camping days back in the Black Hills. Haven’t camped much here in Texas, but your story gives me hope…

  3. Camping in the wilderness is the best. My husband and I went to Norway for our honeymoon. We rented a canoo and a tent and were in the wilderness for a whole week. I think back to this week so often. It is one of my most treasured memories. We so want to do this again once our children are old enough!

  4. I Love this enchanted rock story. I have followed your blog for a while now. I am also an aggie and met my husband in aggieland. I LOVE to sew!! I am just sure if we were there at the same time we would have been tight. (And u said u were in a sorority in one of your posts… Curious which one?? I was too.) But Anyhoo… I went with a group of A&M friends to ENchanted Rock my sr year – in March I believe. We all borrowed equipment from the rec center- totally did not have all the right gear. Especially bc there was a crazy weather blip which brought the park ranger around to find us and tell us everyone was clearing out because the weather would be between 0-10 degrees that night! What?? Well- we were just crazy enough to stay anyways and it was sooooooo cold. Seriously… We were in Texas! Right?? So many things I remember vividly from that night- one was the soles of our tennis shoes catching on fire repetitively bc we could not get our feet close enough to the fire to warm them. We all ended up sharing just 2 two person tents between about 15 people. Totally insane… But the body heat with all of us helped. And boy did we laugh through it all!

    I have been back several times. I just love the climb to the summit. But definitely my favorite part is spelunking! That was one of the coolest and most challenging things I have ever done. Enchanted Rock is such an amazing place to explore some of God’s amazing wonders. Glad you have some special memories from your journey there too!

    1. Ah! I love this story! I can’t imagine being out there with 0-10 decree weather!!!!!!!!!!!! that sounds like a nightmare!! hahaha! so many memories, though! Strangely enough, I can’t wait to go back. It’s such a beautiful place. Oh, and I was a Theta 🙂 xo

      1. Yes- I have gone back several times and with each time I have such awesome memories and unique experiences.

        If you ever need any more testers I would love to help you out! I test now for anneliese with The Aesthetic Nest and her Wee Muse Pattern line. It would be a fun adventure to sew for myself. I give good feedback and take nice pics. You can see my latest test for her in the Winnie Shrug pattern. I squealed loud when she featured my madras plaid sample first on her blog!

        As always, thanks for all your sewing inspiration. It is a joy to follow your blog. And, we would have been neighbors at A&M… I was a Chi-O. 🙂 have a great day!! Sure is a pretty one here in the burbs of Houston.

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