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Hi Friends! Happy Wednesday! 😀

It has been quite a busy few days since I last wrote on here. We traveled home to my parents house to celebrate my best friends’ baby shower, my sister’s 21st birthday (although, she wasn’t there!), Father’s Day, and my 26th birthday! It was a whirlwind of a weekend (as it always is when we go to Tyler), but so fun and definitely worth it. When we got home on Sunday, I immediately plugged in my new Roomba 630 and my life changed dramatically. (Yes, this is an exaggeration) But, y’all.. words can’t even describe the way I feel about this cleaning product. It literally  cleans the floors for you .. while you’re watching TV, or cooking diner, or SEWING. IT IS SO AWESOME. All the dog hairs can be cleaned up daily!! And moving on…

I sewed up this ROMPER after lots and lots of thought about it. I hoped to find an “indie” pattern to use (because I like supporting independent designers like myself) but settled on the Simplicity 1355, which was inspired by Mimi G Style’s post a couple of weeks ago.

In my head, I pictured a romper with a bloused front and tie straps (bodice similar to the Sewaholic Saltspring) with shorts and pockets. My problem with RTW rompers has always been the length in the torso. I am tall (5″8) but have the same length legs as my mom who is 5″4. SO all that height? Located in my torso. It makes buying one-piece swimsuits and ROMPERS nearly impossible.

I chose view D on the pattern and lengthened the shorts about 2″ at the top. This increased the length in the torso. HOWEVER.. after sewing up the garment, I don’t think I really needed to do that. I also nixed the pockets because they were showing underneath the shorts (because I hemmed them so short).

THIS romper in particular will make a great swimsuit coverup.. but I don’t think I will be wearing it out in public too much because I’m not comfortable with the 1/2″ inseam. ANYWAY.. I should have left the pattern alone (maybe adding 1/2″ to the top of the shorts instead of 2″) and definitely should have gone down one size. The ease was much more than I had expected.

All in all, though, I love the way this romper turned out and I’m pleased to say that this is a wearable muslin (at least as a coverup!) that I’ll definitely use 😀Rompin Around |Handmade Fashion | |Simplicity 1355Rompin Around |Handmade Fashion | |Simplicity 1355 Rompin Around |Handmade Fashion | |Simplicity 1355 Rompin Around |Handmade Fashion | |Simplicity 1355 // Simplicity 1355

Have you found a romper pattern that you love? I’d love to see any women’s romper patterns, I came up dry when searching!


18 thoughts on “Rompin’ Around

  1. I just sewed this up the other day after seeing yours on Instagram and I LOVE it! It was the first pattern I sewed and finished completely and it fit perfectly! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  2. Just my opinion here but I think you look cute. The romper looks comfortable, the blousing looks evenly spread throughout the circumference of the romper. I’d wear it , just might have to get that pattern &sew up a couple of them for myself. I truly enjoy reading your blog so keep up the good work.

  3. I actually bought a playsuit pattern from Salme Patterns last week! I hope to make mine in either chambray or linen. I will make a muslin though because I read that the bottom part can be a bit on the small size…

  4. I actually bought this pattern a few weeks ago. This will be my first attempt at sewing clothing. It looks really good and I’m highly encouraged … I’m looking forward to gleeful fabrics.

  5. I think it looks great on you. I wish I could find a romper pattern that I love. I have the opposite problem – very short torso, long legs on top of the fact that I’m still carrying around baby weight so no rompers for me this summer. Dresses will be my thing this season.

    1. It’s pretty good with the thread, actually. Wouldn’t overdo it, though. I don’t want my precious to die on me so soon 😉

  6. I saw the same post from Mimi G and I absolutely love what she did! I have the same pattern on the way to my house – it was on sale for $1.99 and they were all out of it in my store, but luckily my mother-in-law was able to pick it up for me. I’m really nervous about what size to make though. I’m normally an 8-12 in bottoms, but the measurements are telling me to make something like a 16-18 or in some cases even a size 20-22. I am just very pear shaped so I think I’ll have to deal with making a larger size to start with and seeing if I can then size it down to make something more wearable. We shall see!

  7. I am new to your blog, read it, got a culpa coffee and stayed so long I had to subscribe! I love your creativity, projects and inspiration Hopefully I will be able to share what I have made soon……Thanks again!

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