Sleeveless Archer Button Up

Over a YEAR ago I printed and taped a PDF pattern (Archer Button Up), pre washed fabric, cut out said fabric, and then it sat. For an entire year it sadly sat in my fabric closet in a box waiting to be sewn. The Archer was a super intimidating project for me when looking at it: button holes, a collar, etc., etc., so I never felt I had enough brain power to conquer it.

The same night I sewed up my Prefontaine Shorts, I decided to tackle the Archer Button Up. I made it out of some random shirting fabric from who knows where, but it is cute and IMHO looks like a RTW garment I would grab off the rack.

Construction for this pattern was easy, but I had issues with the instructions (as I usually do with Grainline). I feel as if their patterns skip over little, important steps in the assumption that if you’re sewing this you should already know how to XYZ… That’s just me, though. A lot of people love their patterns.

Instead of sewing in the sleeves, I opted to make the top sleeveless. In hindsight I should have graded the shoulders in a bit, but when I cut the pattern out (over a year ago) I probably didn’t know better. I opted for View B, that offered a ruffled bottom portion on the back, which is subtle and perfect. It is actually my favorite thing about this top!

Archer Button Down // Archer Button Down // Archer Button Down //

So, all in all, if you know what you’re doing and would consider yourself an intermediate sewist, I’d say go for it; the Archer Button Up would be a great top for you to sew!



16 thoughts on “Sleeveless Archer Button Up

  1. Looks great! I was just about to tape that pattern tonight and get started. If you don’t mind sharing, did you go by the recommended size or did you size down – yours looks more fitted (as I want, too) than many of the examples. Also, do you remember off the top of your head what details you would have liked to see in the instructions? I admit I’m a little intimidated by this and still like instructions that hand hold me a bit! If it dpoesn’t tell me to do something, I just blindly move on to the next step. Thanks!

    1. I sewed a size four and like how it fits … I had sewn a four in another one of their top patterns, so I just went with it. I am typically a small/medium up top if that helps.

      As far as the instructions go, it wasn’t really that they left things out, they just weren’t super involved instructions (if that makes sense). Mark all of your pattern pieces on the fabric (especially the front two pieces- those get a bit confusing) read the instructions a few times, go slow, and use your best judgment. Hope that helps!

      1. So similar! You look adorable! <3 it! I always forget to look at blogs for sewalongs.. ha!

  2. I’m relieved to hear I’m not the only one who delays projects for years at a time. 😀 This is really cute! I’ve been seeing the sleeveless Archer pop up in a few blogs I follow, and I really love it. Your suggestion about grading the armscye is really wonderful! I’ll have to remember it when I get around to sewing!

  3. So I also have had the archer patient printed out for a while- about 6 months I think! Just got caught up w other stuff and ran out of time. Hoping to get to it soon. Also I saw previous commenters mentioned it but I always use Jen’s sewalongs for the instructions on her patterns and actually don’t really even look at the pattern instructions then. The sewalongs fill in all the gaps and helped me a ton!

  4. This looks really beautiful. I’m currently sewing a Ethan shirt for my son. Once I’ve managed this one, a Archer for me and a dress shirt for my man are definitely on my to sew list. Can’t go wrong with a button up…

  5. This looks so cute on you. I have made several Archers and love each one of them but after seeing our sleeveless version, I will have to try that, too.

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