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Hey guys and HAPPY SATURDAY!

I am so excited to be sharing a project of mine for the Gleeful blog hop going on right now! The Leather Hide Store contacted me a couple of months ago and wanted to work together. I jumped on board because 1. I have never sewn with leather, and 2. I’ve always wanted to sew with leather .. so, yeah! It was the perfect timing!

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I saw that Willow and Co Patterns were going to be releasing a new bag pattern for their collection. I just about died when I saw the design of the bag: I had to have it. The design features a contrasting bottom portion of a sturdy, good-sized bag, so I thought about the leather that was on its way to me and BAM I had an idea. So I purchased the pattern and started cutting and sewing that very same day!

Let me speak about the pattern to start. This is a s t u r d y bag: three layers of fabric each with interfacing. I tried my best to not purchase any supplies for this project, so the inside of this bag is full of different weights of interfacings scrapped together (I am sure it looks pretty funny on the inside, really). But on the outside you can’t tell, and I tried to layer the lighter interfacings to make them seam the same weight as the others– you can’t tell at all when handling the bag. In fact, I nearly succeeded in my task of not purchasing any materials and just had to buy a matching zipper. HOORAY!

The bag consists of an inside pocket and two outside pockets. The front outside pocket (I used a contrasting scallop print fabric) is smaller and the back outside pocket takes up the entire back of the bag. It would have been great for storing books, magazines, etc. if I hadn’t accidentally sewn the straps on all the way through – oops! Minor details 😉 The only change I made to this pattern was the straps. I used two 1 1/2″ x 38″ strips of leather for each strap. I sewed them wrong sides together (left the leather edges raw) and used those for my straps instead of using regular fabric.

The pattern was well-written, easy to understand, with really great and simplistic instructions. I highly recommend it. The pattern was designed by Vanessa of LBG Studio for Willow & Co Patterns.

On to the leatherI suppose I am a bit biased when it comes to leather, since I’ve never handled or sewn with it before.. but this stuff from Leather Hide Store was amazing! It is soft to the touch, like your favorite worn in handbag, and it sewed easier than I had expected, with only a few frustrating moments. Those moments, however, were easily remedied when I would change my needle! That was the key, guys: changing that needle! when it would start to skip stitches or just go really slowly, or make horrible noises, I switch that needle and all was right again. I sew on a Janome 4120 and although it isn’t a powerhouse machine, it sewed through the leather just fine: no problems here! ((PS- I just upgraded machines and absolutely love this one. It is JUST what I need for the kind of sewing I do))

A couple of tips for sewing with leather: 

-Use a leather needle (be sure to have several on hand and change your needles as they get dull)

-Sew using a teflon foot- this helps the leather slide through

-Go slowly and increase your stitch length if you need to

-DON’T BE SCARED! It’s fun and feels very rewarding afterwards!

Ok so on to some photos. Oh, and be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for the GIVEAWAY with Leather Hide Store!

Leather Hide Store + Senna Tote // SewCaroline.comLeather Hide Store + Senna Tote // SewCaroline.comLeather Hide Store + Senna Tote // Leather Hide Store + Senna Tote // Leather Hide Store + Senna Tote // Leather Hide Store + Senna Tote // SewCaroline.comFlawed Perfection Jewelry //

Oh, and I wanted to mention this cute necklace my friend Megan at Flawed Perfection Jewelry made for me that coordinates with my Gleeful line of fabrics! So cute, right?! Thanks, Megan!!

Now, WHO wants to win $50 credit to The Leather Hide Store? Their remnant bin is da BOMB and is where my leather hide of fabric came from!

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14 thoughts on “Gleeful Blog Hop: Leather Hide Store Giveaway

  1. I love your bag! Leather looks fabulous!!! I’m not a social media person so I’ll just drool LOL Whoever wins is getting a real treat 🙂

  2. Nice work! I just bought this pattern and I can’t wait to make it. I’m just starting to sew with leather and it can be frustrating, but I love that you can leave the leather edges raw. That appeals to the lazy sewist in me!

  3. Looks lovely! I want to try making stuff with leather too but I am a bit overwhelmed with all the choices…! Do you know what type of leather you used and the weight/thickness of it? Also, did you just use the thread that you would for sewing your fabrics, or did you switch it? Thanks!

    1. I used an upholstery-weight leather from the remnant bin at The Leather Hide Store. Here is a “leather buying guide” that they have on their website, too. As far as thread, I used a topstitching weight thread for the straps, but used regular 40 wt. Aurifil for putting everything else together. I’ve used to bag pretty much every day since I made it and so far it has held together perfectly!

      If you have any questions regarding leather itself, Jennifer from The Leather Hide Store will be happy to help you! Her email is


  4. Can you apply fusible interfacing to leather to make it stiffer? Maybe a stupid question but I thought I’d ask before I ruin the leather. Love your blog btw

    1. goodness- i would think you can on a low heat setting, but I’ve never done it before!! so sorry!

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