Gleeful Blog Hop: One Little Minute

Over the course of the past few years, I’ve had the honor to meet many amazing people through the blogging/sewing realm. Miranda, the blogger at One Little Minute, has got to be one of my most-favorite meets ever! I met her at Sewing Summit last year where she taught me to self-draft my own leggings. I was immediately drawn to her charming personality and adorable style, and honestly just thought she was the coolest!

Anyyyyway, I am kind of obsessed with what she did with my After the Rain voile print. When designing this line of fabric, I wanted a basic dot that wasn’t toooooo basic. So, I designed an abstract-ish polka dot that *I think* looks great on kiddos and adults alike. And, I’m pretty sure Miranda is proving my point 😉

See how cute she is?!

Gleeful Pleated Maxi Skirt-One Little Minute BlogMiranda is so creative and extremely talented and she fortunately shares a lot of that expertise on her blog! A few of my favorite posts are…

One Little MinuteThese tuxedo-striped leggings, this patchwork quilt, and this summer dress DIY!

Head over to Miranda’s blog and see how she’s styling this beautiful skirt + hear her take on the polka dots and voile! AND be sure to pop in all month for more Gleeful projects!



5 thoughts on “Gleeful Blog Hop: One Little Minute

  1. Your fabric line is gorgeous, but honestly, I was very hesitant about buying any for myself until your blog hop posts. It feels young to me (on other people, in a good way!), but I often get comments that I already look very young so typically I avoid prints which highlight this. I checked in at the airport last week and was told I needed an escort since I’m a minor… I’m 25!
    Anyway, I love love LOVE this abstract polka dot in blue and I love this pleated maxi skirt! My mind has officially been changed. A Gleeful skirt is definitely in my near future!

    1. AH! I can’t wait to see what you create! Sometimes it takes a project to really show you how it looks 🙂

  2. Hi Caroline! Great line! I am in love with this particular design. I am considering using it to make the hi-lo hemmed Staple Dress. Does the voile require a lining? Would I be okay with just wearing a full slip under the dress? Thanks so much for your input!


    1. Hi Tracy, I would either line it or wear a slip. It is quite thin/see through.. even the dark colors. It is so lovely to feel, though! 🙂

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