Gleeful Saltspring Dress

Last summer I made this gorgeous floral MAXI Saltspring that quickly became one of my most treasured and favorite handmade dresses! AH! I STILL love wearing it! When I got the voile in from my Gleeful collection, I knew I wanted to sew another Saltspring Dress, but I thought a maxi might be a bit much with all ‘dem polka dots. SO, I opted for a knee length version and voila! I love it!

I lined this one with a light weight gauze fabric and it turned out nicely for the most part. It is a bit stretchier than I had hoped, but it was what I had on hand and it worked to create the blousing effect and to stop the madness of a see-through dress! I lined the top (this is necessary for the pattern) and the bottom (this is necessary to not see my undies).

This voile, though see-through, is AMAZING. Seriously feels like butter. Have you tried the new AGF voiles? They’re all amazing, really!Saltspring Dress // Saltspring Dress // Saltspring Dress // Saltspring Dress // Saltspring Dress // SewCaroline.comHave you sewn a Saltspring recently? I find it to be one of the most-perfect summertime dresses!


4 thoughts on “Gleeful Saltspring Dress

  1. Very nice! I wish the blue polka dot print was available in a knit so I could use it for an Out and About Dress. 🙂

  2. Love Love Love this dress!
    I search for a similar fabric and I found this print material. Is it by chance that this print fabric will work?

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