FREE Mini Class: Sewing Machine Feet from A to Z

When I first started sewing (about 6 years ago) I taught myself to use the machine by watching YouTube videos, “googling” things, finding easy to understand tutorials on blogs, etc. etc. It was a long road, but I was determined to learn! Obviously, things worked out for me and my curiosity and eagerness to learn to sew resulted in a passion and even career! Crazy, right?

I KNOW there are many of you out there who may have been or may BE in the same boat I was in several years ago! Let me tell ya, you are in LUCK because there are SO MANY more amazing resources today than there were several years ago. Pinterest, (better + more improved) blogs, ebooks, and online courses from websites like Craftsy.

I recently took one of Craftsy’s free “mini” classes, Sewing Machine Feet from A to Z and learned so much that I wish I had known when I first began sewing. Knowing how and when to use your different sewing machine feet is KEY to having a successful and stress-free sewing experience. I mean, if only I had known how easy it was to use a zipper foot…

Free Mini Class Sewing Machine Feet from A to Z // SewCaroline.comIn this FREE course on Craftsy, you’ll learn about many different feet that come standard with your machine and/or can be purchased through the local dealer that sells your brand of machine. One thing to note is that every foot can be purchased for every machine, and while you may not NEED every single foot, it is good to know that if you do need it, it can be available for you!

Sewing Machine Feet from A to Z //

This course is divided into 6 lessons (really 5, because the first is just an intro!) and all of the lessons are less than 15 minutes long, so the whole course can be taken in less than an hour. It is chock full of awesome, usable information about different feet for your sewing machine. The best part? It is FREE!

Here is a breakdown of the lessons and the feet you’ll learn about:

-Feet for closures (standard zipper foot, invisible zipper foot, button hole foot)

-Feet for hems (blind hem foot, rolled hem foot)

Specialty feet (1/4″ foot, roller foot (similar to teflon, like I used here))

Fancy feet (darning foot, couching/braiding foot, gathering foot)

Sewing Machine Feet from A to Z //
Gathering foot pictured
Sewing Machine Feet from A to Z //
Rolling foot is great to use for laminated cotton

One thing I really love about this class is that because of the video format, you can really see how the feet work! The instructor demonstrates each foot and gives her tips and suggestions on how to use them.

This course won’t answer ALL of your questions about feet, because that would just be crazy! BUT, there is a great forum of folks who are asking and answering questions that you’ll have access to when you sign up and take the course (actually, ALL Craftsy courses have this feature!)

Anyway, I hope this post has been helpful for you. I know that as a beginner seamstress I would have wanted this information and to know that there are great well-written (or videoed!) and FREE, courses like Sewing Machine Feet from A to Z.


This post was sponsored by Craftsy; all opinions stated are my own.


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  1. I had enrolled for this class 2 days back but never actually got to viewing them. Now i think I shouldnt wait for later!

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