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I am super excited to be writing this post from my brand new (to me!) iMac computer that I picked up on Friday. I’ve been working on a 13″Macbook Pro for about 4-5 years now and just upgraded to a 27″ iMac computer… oh my goodness the difference it is already making! I can SEEEEEE everything! The screen feels like the size of our flatscreen television! Anyway, I am just excited about my purchase!

Today we’ve got TWO handmade items to show off, and boy am I excited! First off, do you guys know about Indiesew? Indiesew is a newish online company that curates and sells patterns designed by independent pattern designers (like me!). It is an online marketplace where you can purchase sewing patterns AND share with the rest of the sewing community. There are so many different patterns to choose from… go check it out, if you haven’t already. We’ll be waiting here 😉 I love the way their site looks: so fresh and clean.

Anyway, today we are chatting about their curated winter collection for 2014. This bundle includes the Union Street Tee, the Josephine Top, the Out and About Dress, the Pleated Pencil Skirt, and the Leather Accent Pouch. Each of these pieces can stand on their own or mix and match for a perfectly handmade outfit. The best news? You can purchase the Indiesew Winter Collection for 15% off of retail price… just because they’re bundled! Great deal, right?

Indiesew Winter CollectionI chose to sew the Union Street Tee and the Pleated Pencil Skirt as a part of their blog tour.. and I’m so excited to show them to you!

Indie Sew Winter Collection // // Union Street Tee Indie Sew Winter Collection // // Union Street TeeIndie Sew Winter Collection // // Union Street TeeIndie Sew Winter Collection // // Union Street Tee

TOP: pattern- Union Street Tee (a part of the Indiesew Winter Collection) c/o Indiesew, fabric- Utopia, Specks of Carambola c/o Frances Newcombe

I have been looking for a v-neck t-shirt pattern that I could dress up or down, that would be comfy, the perfect length, and that I could make millions of to wear all the time. Insert Union Street Tee. I printed, taped, cut, and sewed this tee in the amount of time it took me to watch approximately 2.5 episodes of Scandal, so I’d say that’s a win, right? I sewed a size medium and lengthened the bodice 1.5″… just to be safe (I have a pretty long torso). And I’d say it is just about perfect… especially made from this new Art Gallery knit! I see many more Union Street Tees in my future 🙂 OH, and if v-neck, short sleeved is not your thing for winter (remember, ya’ll. I live in Texas.), there are options for long-sleeved, 3/4″ sleeves, and a scoop neck. SO. MANY. OPTIONS. I honestly can’t wait to make more of these.

Indie Sew Winter Collection // // PleatedPencilSkirtIndie Sew Winter Collection // // PleatedPencilSkirtIndie Sew Winter Collection // // PleatedPencilSkirt Indie Sew Winter Collection // // PleatedPencilSkirtSkirt: pattern- Pleated Pencil Skirt (a part of the Indiesew Winter Collection) c/o Indiesew, fabric- Gingham blend

Next up, I sewed the Pleated Pencil Skirt. I picked up this fabric while I was in Colorado a couple of weeks ago with my friend Erin at Colorado Fabrics. I have no idea what the content of this fabric is, but I know it looks and feels perfect for this application, right? It is a loose-ish weave gingham with a little bit of a stretch. Feels almost like wool, but the price tag said otherwise (it was only, like $8/yard!). Anyways, I immediately thought, “I have to make a skirt with this!” when I saw it. SO, here we are a couple of weeks later and one skirt stronger. This was a fun one to make because pencil skirts aren’t really my thing, but I really enjoyed sewing this one, so who knows? Maybe more are in my future. I can’t remember off the top of my head what size I sewed, but I know I sewed one size for the waist and a size bigger for the hips. Delia does a great job explaining how to do this (if you aren’t familiar) in her pattern. I’d say it is a pretty common thing to have to adjust. I shortened mine quite a bit (probably 5″-6″) so it hits right above my knees. Once it gets cooler, I am envisioning wearing this skirt with tights + boots. For now, just boots. The kick pleat in the back makes the whole skirt, I think.

So what do you think? Are you ready to jump over and purchase the bundle?xoCaroline

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