Knit Happy Home Coachella Shorts

Hello! I’m here again today with another handmade maternity(ish) look for you! I have made a couple pairs of these COMFORTABLE Coachella shorts and have just been dying to share them! Before our trip to Hawaii at the beginning of June, I made a pair out of woven (you can see them here or here on Instagram) and really loved how they turned out, so of course I put several pair on queue when I returned.

I made these out of KNIT and didn’t alter the pattern sizing at all because I wanted them to drape really nicely. I love how they turned out and since I used the low-rise waist, the elastic band fits nicely below my every growing baby bump.Coachella Shorts // SewCaroline.Com Coachella Shorts // SewCaroline.Com Coachella Shorts // SewCaroline.ComThese are made from the knit Lotus Beats print (which just so happens to be one of my absolute faves from the collection!). I was a bit nervous about the pom-poms not doing so well in the washing machine, but these shorts have been washed probably 3 or 4 times in the past couple of weeks and the poms still look like the day I sewed them on. Which is awesome.. because I LOVE them!

Pattern: Coachella Shorts by Striped Swallow Designs

Size Sewn: Large, low-rise, 2″ inseam

Adjustments made: none

Fit: Loose-fitting, but secure; just how I wanted them.

Lotus Beats knit fabric from my Happy Home collection; trim found at Jo-Ann.

Happy sewing! xoxo, Caroline


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  1. So cute! I’ve been seeing tons of pom pom trim on these and was planning on doing the same so it’s good to know yours has been holding up okay. You can never tell with novelty trims like that!

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