Just for You Sewing, Saturday Night Tunic

Today I’m excited to share a project from a book written by my friends at the popular sewing blog, Sew Can She. I love their site and the wonderful projects they produce and share. If you haven’t ever been over there, you need to be sure and check it out.

Their newest publication, Just for You Sewing, is full of projects for the entire year, for YOU! The book is separated into 12 chapters (one for each month of the year) with project to correspond. I’m sharing the Saturday Night Tunic from the August chapter today. ((One of the great things about this book is that there are pull-out patterns for you to use- you don’t have to hassle with PDFs!))

Be sure to read the whole post for a chance to win a copy of this book!
Just for You Sewing // SewCaroline.comThis pattern is meant to be sewn with woven fabric, but since I am almost 32 weeks pregnant, I was a little nervous to sew something to wear that isn’t a knit. SO, I didn’t change a bit about the pattern and simply sewed it in a knit fabric. I chose to sew a size medium, which corresponds with my pre-pregnancy measurements, and since I sewed it in a knit, it fits perfectly. The only other change I made was knocking off about 3″ from the hem so I could wear it with shorts. Can’t wear jeans while pregnant and living in 100+ degree weather!!!Just for You Sewing // SewCaroline.com Just for You Sewing // SewCaroline.com Just for You Sewing // SewCaroline.comJust for You Sewing // SewCaroline.comThe fabric I used for this top is the Utopia collection by Frances Newcombe for Art Gallery fabrics.

Want to win a copy of this Just for You Sewing? Leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite thing to sew is! One winner will be chosen. If winner resides in the US, a hard copy will be sent, otherwise you’ll receive an eBook copy. Winner will be chosen Friday 8/14/15 at 8PM CST.

Good luck and happy sewing!

96 thoughts on “Just for You Sewing, Saturday Night Tunic

  1. Tops are my favorite garment to sew – generally easy, quick and I can use all kinds of fabric to offset my normal black pants or blue jeans. But since a grandson has entered my life, things for little baby boys seem to be flowing out of my sewing machine. Love the top in your posting.

  2. Love your top! So cute…Thanks for the chance to win this great book! Right now my favorite thing to sew is different styles of ponchos and baby blankets 🙂

  3. That tunic is beautiful! Around here, this summer has been all about quick maxi skirts and sundresses. Looking forward to sinking my teeth into a more involved project.

  4. I would love to sew just about anything right now, quilting or clothing. I want to get back into sewing after many years of going with out.

  5. Cute and stylish top! I sew a lot for my business, so my favorite things to sew, is something for myself because it doesn’t happen to often. Bags/purses is what I usually make. I really want to try sewing a few clothes. Caroline, the clothes you make are always inspiring me to do that!

  6. I like to sew things that don’t need to fit, especially purses. However, I need some clothes, so tops and shorts are my next projects.

  7. I love to sew anything, when I have time, but my favorite is Christmas PJ’s for my kids, because the fabric is a surprise.

  8. My inspiration is in sewing for others … particularly totes and purses, but also home dec items like poufs and baskets. From selecting the pattern and fabric to match their personality to shipping off the surprise package. I simply love sewing for others.

  9. You look really wonderful in your new top – and the fabric is really nice – glad you used knits – they are my favorite too!
    I’ve had three children and never looked as good as you do at 32 weeks = keep up whatever you are doing:}

  10. This is one of my favorite creations of yours so far! You are an expert at looking stylish while you’re expecting!
    I love to sew small crafty projects like pincushions and doll dresses to give as gifts for other people.

  11. My favorite thing at the moment is just about anything I find time to sew! But, right now I enjoy simple tops – because I need them, comfy and they are needed in my daily life, and I can finish them in a decent amount of time. That said, I want to get busy learning to sew jeans (I’ve been s l o w l y) working on a pair of Ginger jeans and perfecting a shirt with a collar stand.

  12. I am still learning how to sew, so right now my favorite things to sew are simple tote bags. I am hoping to move on to clothing soon!

  13. I’m still fairly new at sewing. I’ve done a lot of tote bags and cosmetic bags. I’ve only made a couple wearable items but I’m getting ready to dive into some more clothing projects.

  14. I love making easy pillows & tote bags! I am also working on a few quilts tops and am eager to try garments!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    PS: You look adorable!

  15. Yay! A top to wear while pregnant…this is totally a daily struggle for me at this point and I’m still near the beginning! One of my favorite things to sew is sleep sacks and other random things for my daughter – leggings, altered hoodies (I made one into a dinosaur) etc.

  16. I’m also expecting so baby things are my fave to sew right now! Favorite is probably car canopies!

  17. I love sewing for my kids, mostly dresses and skirts, but I need to break out and try sewing for myself!

    1. Congrats, Kathryn! You won the book giveaway =) I’ll be emailing you shortly! xoxo

  18. I love to sew most anything, probably my favorite think to sew is American Girl doll clothes. Your tunic is beautiful by the way! Thank you for a chance to win this book!

  19. I’m loving your site and blog, this shirt is great, my daughter in law is about that far along and would love this new shirt. I would love to sew it for her. Right now my favorite thing to sew is baby bibs for the babies in her life and other people’s lives. Thanks for sharing your stories with me and the rest of the world.
    Deena Paine

  20. Great giveaway! And your tunic looks precious. I’m working on converting my wardrobe to all handmade creations, and my current favs are maxi dresses and tunics.

  21. After sewing quilts with my mother and then letting my machine sit untouched for several years, I made a goal this summer to learn how to make a few garments and start sewing again. So far my favorite thing to sew is dresses. I am taking a few classes at the local fabric store here and very much looking forward to learning how to sew with knits and how to make my own sweatshirt. 🙂

  22. I love making quilts and have made a couple of tops for myself before and really enjoyed that! Hoping to get better at garmet making for myself!

  23. Love that super cute tunic!
    I work for a shop that just started carrying Art Gallery fabrics. I would love to get my hands on this book! So many fun ideas, not just quilting ❤️

  24. I love to sew circle skirts and little girl dresses. The circle skirts have a vintage feel, and little girl dresses have so many possibilities. I have a niece that loves to wear dresses and she draws the dresses that she wants me to make for her.

  25. I’m a new sewist, but I’m already addicted and I particularly love making dresses because I’m an hourglass shape and it’s always difficult to get clothes to fit my bust and hips without drowning my waist. I’d love to win this pattern, as I’d make one (or more!) for myself, and one (or more!) for a very good friend who’s recently announced that she’s expecting a baby after quite some time of trying.

  26. I love sewing quilts! I have oodles of fabric that I’ve bought to sew clothing but most of those projects are unfinished because I’m nervous to start them! I think I need different patterns that aren’t so intimidating!

  27. I usually enjoy sewing clothes for my children(3 & 5). However, I recently started sewing some simple, comfortable tops and dresses for myself…and I love it! I am starting to feel a little selfish with my sewing time.

  28. Hi Caroline!!
    I love to sew dresses and skirts but now that I’m 17 weeks pregnant and not fitting into my clothes I’m really into making & wearing tunics. I live in leggings these days and need a top to cover my bum 🙂 I’m sure you can sympathize 😀
    You make beautiful clothes! Thanks for sharing & for the tutorials!
    Tash xo

  29. I’m not sure I could pick one favorite, but I love sewing wristlets. So easy to use, fairly fast, and I don’t have to use an excuse to own a bunch! 🙂

  30. My favorite thing to sew is a simple top or tunic just like the one you made. I am still learning. This book sounds wonderful!

  31. Cute outfit and looks cooler than regular maternity wear. I found my sew-jo yesterday evening by making a vest-top… I guess my favourite things to see are everyday items that are suitable for work and home.

  32. I LOVE to sew dresses, skirts and tops. My favorite? I’d only choose dresses because my wardrobe needs them DESPERATELY!!

  33. I love making old things new. Tops, bags, accessories are some of my favorites. I enjoy being inspired by internet bloggers like you. Love your top!

  34. I love to sew t-shirts and leggings…although I have recently climbed on the lingerie band wagon!

  35. My favorite thing to sew is dresses for my little granddaughters but I am ready to see a thing or two for me and I do wear tunic tops now

  36. I love sewing any type of clothes. I’m short so it’s nice knowing that I can make them fit me the way I want from the start!

  37. Hi there! My favorite thing to sew lately are “swing” or “trapeze” dresses. It’s so hot in Las Vegas that they have been my go to because I can dress them up or down and create a ton of different looks! So easy to wear and they complement all shapes. http://Sewsincity.com

  38. Love the top!! My daughter is pregnant with her 2nd. It would be cute on her! I prefer sewing with cottons – haven’t ventured to knits yet. My main focus right now is aprons and finishing a dress for my other daughter.

  39. I love sewing tops since that’s what I love to wear most! Looks like a fantastic book. I’d love to win. Thanks!

  40. Tee shirts, for me or my little boys. I think I like it best because it’s quick, and I get to admire them all the time, since we wear tee shirts every day.

  41. my favourite garments to sew are dresses, especially with gathered skirts. i love this top, it looks lovely on you! thank you for the giveaway, the book looks great 🙂

  42. I have been sewing a lot of baby things for my first grandchild due the end of September. I have made a quilt, 2 boppy pillow covers, and a receiving blanket. Right now I am making a sling. I would love to make my daughter-in-law a tunic to wear for the last 8 weeks. I really like the fabric you chose for it.

  43. That color looks great on you!
    I just started sewing again after roughly 8 years. Starting slow with a simple quilt, but I used to love sewing skirts and dresses.

  44. I like to sew simple things like this tunic and pajama pants to lounge around in. I also like to make purses.

  45. Dresses! I just finished the Out and About dress. Just in time for the start of the new school year!

  46. My daughter just found out she is pregnant! Yay for me, shock and surprise for her since her only child is 10 years old. She’s going to be starting all over again, and just last year gave all of her baby things away. I just love this top you made for yourself, and would love to make one for her. She’s due March 24 but is already showing and outgrowing all of her clothes, so although I love to sew baby quilts, my favorite thing to sew for now will be maternity clothes! ❤️❤️❤️

  47. your tunic is awesome, love that is also works for a maternity top. I would love to win a copy of this book.

  48. I haven’t been sewing long (maybe a year)! I am a new stay-at-home wife (married in December) and soon to be stay-at-home, mom (in January)! I have started more and more sewing projects and I love to sew scarfs and pot holders that I can give to friends! Once we find out if we are having a boy or a girl I will start sewing things for baby! Love this top! God bless you!

  49. I love seeing knit items for me, for my grandkids, and my newest grand baby coming in September.

  50. Cute top! I love to make a great knit top myself. They get tons of wear for my life and style and are easy to make, even with three little boys around to watch!

  51. Super cute tunic Caroline! I love to sew dresses and skirts. It always makes me mad when you see how much some stores charge for them! I would love to win a copy of this book!

  52. The book seems like it’ll be quite useful, 1 project/month? And next yr, you can start all over again, making mods to the patterns since you’ve had a chance to wear them & think. Thank you.

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