AGF Canvas Projects + Ideas

This week, Art Gallery is officially releasing their new line of canvas prints. Each new collection of fabric will also include a canvas print (along with the twenty cottons, one voile and four knits). This is one of my favorite things about working with AGF, they’re always pushing the limits on creativity and substrates. They really and truly DO produce the best product for sewing out there!

I wanted to take a moment and share with you a couple of fun projects I create using my Happy Home Canvas. For this canvas print, we decided to take the To Live By In Peace print and invert the color way so the background was navy and the writing was white. I am SO glad we did. While I LOVE the other color way for quilt backings and other fun projects, a project you’d typically use a canvas print for is one that needs to be more durable and hardy; so, a white background might not be ideal. The navy fits perfectly and I LOVE how it turned out.

The first project I’m going to share with you is this fun + TOTE-ally useable pool bag! I used this SO MUCH this summer on our various trips to the pool and our quick trip to the beach at the end of August. The inside features another print from Happy Home and has two large pockets sewn with utility mesh. My favorite part, though, is the outer pocket, which uses 15 gauge clear vinyl – PERFECT for storing your keys, phone, chapstick, etc. where you can see them, but they don’t get wet. I don’t have a tutorial for this project, but you WILL be seeing it in an upcoming secret project that is in the works 😉Happy Home Canvas // SewCaroline.comThe next canvas project, and probably my favorite, is the recovering of my Pottery Barn Kids glider and ottoman. GUYS! I am in a buy/sell Facebook group for local moms in Fort Worth and scored (second hand) a glider + ottoman, crib, AND changing table/dresser for less than $200. They’re all PBK and all matching. They are, of course, second-hand, but that doesn’t matter one bit to me.. they’re in great working (and looking!) condition!

I knew immediately that I wanted to recover the glider and ottoman and hoped that the Happy Home canvas would fit the bill. I think it does, don’t you? =D

I don’t have a tutorial for this project, but I basically took the old covers, traced them, added seam allowances, and cut and sewed the cushions out of the canvas. I even used the same inserts, which made it even simpler! I can’t wait to rock our baby in this chair <3

Happy Home Canvas // SewCaroline.comHappy Home Canvas // Happy Home Canvas // SewCaroline.comIf you saw my blog post last week, you saw the London Backpack that I sewed with one of Bonnie’s canvases from her Cultivate collection. It turned out really great, as well. You can see that post here.London Backpack // SewCaroline.comThese canvases are top-notch and I am so glad AGF decided to add them to their list of substrates!

You can see the Art Gallery Fabrics LOOKBOOK for all of the canvases here.

What would YOU want to sew out of canvas fabrics?!

Happy sewing, y’all! xoxo, Caroline