Holiday Throw Pillow Tutorial

I cannot BELIEVE that Christmas is a little over three weeks away. The weather is still VERY fall-ish in North Texas (not complaining), so it is a little confusing to my Christmas spirit. We went to our first Christmas party of the season this past Friday and  I’m hosting my annual scarf swap party THIS weekend, so maybe after all these parties I will really start feeling like Christmas is upon us. It is, after all, the most wonderful time of the year! 😀

I was talking with my girlfriends the other night about how I never like to buy Christmas throw pillows (although I WANT TO BUY THEM ALL) because it seems silly to me to purchase $25+ pillows that will only be displayed for a month or so. My resolution? Make my own cute ones! I’ve only made one so far, but I think I can make some simpler ones to go with this one and my house would instantly be more Christmas-fied. yeah?

The pillow I made is super cute + was pretty simple to whip together. PLUS, the tree blocks can be used to make a quilt, a bigger pillow, placemats, ETC! I can’t wait to show it to you. Holiday Throw Pillow Tutorial // SewCaroline.comI sewed this pillow as one of the first projects I’ve created on my new Janome Skyline S7! It is an awesome machine that I really need to do a thorough review of on here soon.

This pillow uses two of my Happy Home prints plus some duck cloth/canvas that I had lying around. You can find the full tutorial (in printable .pdf form!) on the Janome website. Just click here + ENJOY!Holiday Throw Pillow Tutorial //


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