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This past weekend my friends Erin and Kristen came and stayed with me for a little girl’s weekend action. The only thing we had on our agenda was to SEW. I seriously needed this creative boost. There is something about getting together with like-minded friends that gets me super inspired. I don’t have many friends in town that know how or even like to sew on the regular, so usually it’s a one woman show around here. Which is nice, but it is also a welcomed change when I’ve got other gals to bounce ideas off of, help with a difficult pattern, choose fabrics, etc. I didn’t make toooooo many plans (sewing-wise) or set too high of expectations because I knew that I had Tinsley to take care of (part of the time any ways) and Whole30 to think about (we are on day 12/30 right now and it’s actually going really well… it just takes a lot of prep and cooking time).

The one goal I made was to complete the Dropje Vest. And you know what? I DID IT! It’s actually one of my most favorite things I’ve made in a long time + I see myself getting a TON of wear out of it.

I bought this amazing quilted knit back in the fall from Raspberry Creek and I purchased the Dropje Hooded Vest as a part of the Indie Sew Winter 2016 Mini Collection. They’re seriously a match made in sewing heaven. I accented this grey vest with buffalo check (super soft) flannel I picked up at Jo-Ann.

The only change I made to the pattern was to lengthen the bodice by 4″ (If you do this too, be sure to lengthen the bodice front, bodice back, side, and front facing pieces the same amount). I am so glad I did, since I have a really long torso. You’ll probably notice that the zipper doesn’t reach all the way to the hem… that’s because I bought a zip that was too short. Oh well. Not going to sweat it much. It actually works better for me since the pattern is drafted straight (with no grading out at the hips), so I’m not even sure the vest would zip if I hadn’t left that little opening (ummm, my hips do not lie).

I used the accent flannel in the hood, on the armhole and front facings, and in the pockets. I LOVE the look it gives to the vest!

Dropje Vest // SewCaroline.comDropje Vest // SewCaroline.com Dropje Vest // SewCaroline.comDropje Vest // SewCaroline.com

All in all, I loved this pattern. I only hit a couple of rough patches, but Erin was there to help talk me through them. ha! It felt good to be behind the sewing machine again for something that didn’t have a deadline and was 100% for me. And you, too, I guess, since I’m blogging about it 😉

SOURCES: Pattern: Dropje Hooded Vest; Fabric: Raspberry Creek + JoAnn (similar)

I hope you’re 2016 is off to a rockin’ start.

xoxo + happy sewing, Caroline

11 thoughts on “Dropje Vest

  1. It looks go good! love the flannel accents too, they really add a little something 🙂 I’ve got this pattern on my make list, good tip on the lengthening.

  2. Love it! That vest has been on my radar a while, but my brain is already on summer swimwear for some reason. Once Tinsley is older, I bet if you could work some kind of workshop night out at the new studio there would be some local interest. I’m a Fort Worth gal and I’d love to make some IRL sewing friends.

    1. That would be so fun + something I’ve definitely been thinking about. I have the space for it… now I just need to plan out a time to do it! xo

  3. Love it! I’ve had the vest on my to-sew list for a while, must make it before it’s too late! THanks for the tip on adding length, I haven’t printed the pieces yet. 🙂

    1. Yes- definitely add length to it! looking at it now, I’m pretty sure it would look silly on me if it didn’t have the extra length. Can’t wait to see yours, Anna!!

  4. I am local. Let me know anytime!! Most of my friends don’t sew clothing. Just you and Kay Whitt–and that would be awesome! I’ll even hold Tinsley.

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