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Over the past few months, I have had the most fun time being a part of the Fat Quarter Shop’s collaboration with Art Gallery Fabrics called AGF Stitched. The quilt I’m sharing today is the 4th one I’ve done with this collaboration and it’s one of my favorites because I sewed it in Chalk and Paint fabrics!

Other quilts I’ve made through AGF Stitched: Fractal Quilt, Welded Quilt + Locket Quilt.

I have to say, I waited until the last minute on this quilt, so was super rushed and totally screwed it up. I started looking at the pictures I had taken and noticed what I’d done wrong and basically unstitched and restitched the whole thing.. BLAAAHHH.

BUT, I feel like it was completely worth it. I love this quilt!!! I used a mix of prints from Chalk and Paint and the AGF Pure Element, Honeydew. I really love the mix of colors! I can’t wait to get it quilted!


Blithe Quilt // Chalk and Paint Fabrics //
LOL, Sammie wanted to be in the picture…..

Blithe Quilt // Chalk and Paint Fabrics // Blithe Quilt // Chalk and Paint Fabrics // Blithe Quilt // Chalk and Paint Fabrics // Blithe Quilt // Chalk and Paint Fabrics //

This pattern was originally designed and sewn to be made with CHALK AND PAINT FABRICS!! (I was so excited when I found that out!) The FQS version of this quilt looks very different, though, so be sure and head to their site to see it.

OK, here are the links you’re waiting for:

FREE pattern found here.

YouTube video instruction found here.

Quilt kit found here.

Backing kit found here.

See (and buy!) Chalk and Paint here.

Purchase triangles on a roll (used in the pattern) here.

There are so many other awesome bloggers sharing their quilts today, so be sure to head to be FQS blog to find links to them!

9 thoughts on “Blithe Quilt Blog Tour

  1. Yes, the honeydew background is fabulous! It gives a vintage flavor to the quilt, I think. I am anxious to try this one…must sew faster.

  2. The yellow gives it a nice summery feel and with these soft colors it brightens up a room. I can see it over a couch with a picture of the ocean or placed on a chair. I’d like to see it finished and see what backing you use. Bright yellow is a 2016 color. I will make it but I don’t plan to use the papers. I want to use Coastline but I may use Holly Taylor. Lot of choices. Thanks for sharing

  3. Wow! Love the yellow! Really makes it Summery too! Great job! Thanks for sharing with us!! 🙂

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